SMS Feature

The SMS feature is one of the best communication tools to interact with your audience. The SMS feature comes under a web-based feature that allows you to send SMS in bulk, well-framed structure to your customers, despite where they are right now. With Teachmore, design and customize the messages you want to send to your customers, be they the existing learners or potential customers. With Teachmore, you will be able to send these messages to multiple users at once from one point. It is an automated feature that allows you to send messages in bulk to your online course audience. 

Why Teachmore?

With Teachmore, set templates for automated messages for your online course audience. SMS is a great standalone feature that helps to support and enhance customer service for your online course. SMS enhances how your online course brand engages with your learners throughout the entire learner service lifecycle. With Teachmore, set automated templates for greeting messages that can be sent to your customers or learners from time to time, even if you cannot send SMS in a personalized structure instantly. Adding to these, it is also a great way to set expectations for response times if any customer or learner reaches out outside of your business hours.


Channel to communicate - SMS is one of the immediate channels to communicate with your customers. You can be reassured that your time-critical messages will almost be read instantly when using Teachmore. SMS campaigns would generate more ROI in comparison to other channels such as email or social media. It is considered to be person-to-person communication with a more personalized connection.  

Customizable Templates - Customize the SMS you send to your customers with Teachmore. Send SMS to users that are time-sensitive, along with important announcements that would reach the target audience instantly. Customize templates and set a personalized tone to your messages.  

High open rates - SMS has a 98% of reading rate. A significant percentage of SMS campaigns generate a high open-rate. SMSs nearly have a 97% of reading rate in the first 15 minutes of delivery. 

Send to multiple users - With Teachmore, you will be able to send SMS to multiple users, all at once. It would elevate your customer service as you would also be able to respond to your customers on time with pre-set templates. 

Instant delivery - SMS is pretty quick and very efficient, it takes only a few seconds to reach a vast audience. No other medium can cope with sending such a quick and fast personalized message to your target audience with that kind of speed. 



  1. Can the messages be sent to multiple users at once? 

Yes, messages can be sent to multiple users simultaneously at the same time. You need to draft a template and set the details of those specific customers or learners. 

  1. Can the messages be customized? 

Yes, messages can be customized according to your needs for the notes you would want your learners or customers to read. 

  1. What are the advantages of using the SMS feature from Teachmore? 

There are several advantages of using the SMS feature from Teachmore. You will be able to send instant and well-framed messages to your multiple users at once. 

  1. Can media be included in an SMS template? 

No, medias can’t be included in an SMS template.

  1. What is the average open rate of SMS? 

The average open rate of SMS is 98%, whereas there is a 70% read rate for the same.