Reviews have the power to influence the decisions of potential customers and build credibility for a brand. Customers share their experiences through ratings, messages, videos, comments, etc. Reviews help the course creators in generating feedback and catering to the expectations of the customers. In addition, reviews help the course creators in branding their course, generating new leads, or getting higher conversions. 

Why Teachmore? 

With the advanced features of Teachmore, the course creators can provide an excellent user experience by generating the right feedback on time. Apart from that, users can also generate collection reports and understand how the course is performing. To deal with situations like negative reviews, the platform also helps the course creators in hiding and unhiding the reviews whenever required. In addition, Teachmore connects the reviews section with the user details seamlessly. Using this feature the course creators can directly access the required user data like course plan, payment status, etc.



Improved Credibility

Good customer reviews come with an assurance of helping the course creators in gaining credibility in the market. The trust and good user experience of the existing customers help the course creators in attracting new customers. In short, reviews can be a total game-changer for an online course.

Better Visibility

Good reviews ensures better visibility of an online course. With making the online course outshine, reviews also help the course creators in creating attractive testimonials for their online course. In addition, the course creators can use the reviews for successful business listings.

Word of Mouth

Online reviews are amongst the most effective forms of word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth endorsements are important marketing tools for any online course creator. Since these recommendations come from familiar sources like friends, family, etc. it makes it easier for the new customers to trust the course. 

Increased Sales

The primary objective of any course seller is to get more customers and generate higher revenue. Reviews help the course creators in attracting more leads and getting better conversions. In short, one positive review from the existing customer can bring the course creators many new customers. 

Better User Experience

Reviews help the course creators in understanding customer behavior, recognize their requirements, and identify the areas in their course that need modification. By measuring these factors and taking the required actions at the right time they can offer the best user experience to the customers. 


1- Can users give reviews for multiple courses created by the same course creator?

Answer- Yes, Teachmore allows the users to post multiple reviews for multiple courses or collections they may have enrolled in. 

2- Can the course creators hide the negative reviews?
Yes, with the advanced features of Teachmore, the course creators can hide or unhide the reviews effortlessly. 

3- What is the maximum rating that a user can give to a course? 

Answer- Using Teachmore, the users can rate a course from one star to five stars as per their experience. 

4- Can the course creators know the post time of a review? 

Answer- Yes, using Teachmore the course creators can easily know the time when a review was posted. This information might be helpful for the course creators while resolving a customer query. 

5- What are the benefits of reviews for an online course? 

Answer- Reviews assist course authors in gathering feedback and meeting client expectations in addition to generating leads and getting higher conversions. 

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