Push Notifications

Push notifications are the messages or notifications that appear on the user’s screen. These notifications are usually clickable and in the form of pop-up messages. Sending push notifications is a common marketing strategy practiced by the most successful entrepreneurs, course creators, and other professionals. For a business like online course selling, sending push notifications can be extremely beneficial. In addition to providing user engagement and retention, push notifications also assure increased qualified leads & higher conversion rates. 

Why Teachmore?

Sending push notifications helps the course creators in retaining the customers and boost conversions. A majority of customers prefer receiving push notifications from the applications or websites that they use. As a result, course creators prefer sending push notifications to the customers. With Teachmore, the course creators send notifications or messages to the customers and provide them with a smooth user experience. They can send push notifications to the target audience by applying filters available on Teachmore.


User Retention

User retention is an important factor that helps course creators in ensuring the success of their online courses. To send push notifications or to send SMS is one of the most effective strategies that help the course creators in bringing back inactive users. If used accurately, the pushover notifications are sure to help the course creators in ensuring higher user retention. 

Higher Conversion Rates

Getting higher conversion rates is the main goal for any online course creator. Sending push notifications like discounts, personalized coupon codes, etc. is a great way to attract new users. Studies have shown that the course creators who use push notifications as a marketing strategy tend to generate higher revenue. In addition, push notifications also help the course creators in providing a better user experience to the customers. 

Improved Engagement on the App/ Website

In addition to the other benefits that the push notifications offer, improved user engagement is an extraordinary benefit. The marketing strategy provides an effective way to maximize & sustain user engagement. Pushover notifications also help the course creators to keep the users updated about any new launch or addition. 

Better Brand Consistency

Every brand has its own story and the users many times buy that story. It is essential for the course creators to maintain a brand image and consistency. This can only be achieved by interacting with the customers or users on a regular basis. Sending push notifications to the users at frequent intervals is sure to help the course creators in building a good relationship with the users and gain credibility. 

Real-time Insights

The right data and insights are the life of any business. Having access to the right insights is essential to making the right decisions in favor of the course. Push notifications are a great way to get real-time insights like the number of active users and tracking user activity.


1- Can we send images as a push notification? 

Answer- Yes, using Teachmore the online course creators can send push notifications with images in a few clicks. 

2- What is the character limit for push notifications?

Answer- There is limit of 240 characters for push notifications.

3- Can we send different notifications to the old and new users? 

Answer- Yes, Teachmore allows the online course creators to send different notifications to the users as per their requirements and strategy. 

4-  What are the benefits of sending pushover notifications?

Answer- Sending pushover notifications has multiple benefits like user- engagement, user retention, higher conversion rates, and more. 

5- Are there any charges for using the push notifications feature at Teachmore? 

Answer- No, push notifications feature is absolutely free to use.


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