With Teachmore, make secure transactions using the multiple payment options available. The payment gateway feature acts as a gatekeeper for your customer’s payment data. It acts as an intermediary between your online course website and the learners or customers who have enrolled or are willing to enroll in your course. 

For creators in India, Teachmore offers our in-house solution (Teachmint Payments) built in partnership with Razorpay with discounted transaction charges which is guaranteed to drive savings for you. You will have to complete KYC to receive payments and make transactions for your online course. If you already have a payment gateway account with one of the popular payment gateways (Razorpay, Strip, Paytm, etc.), you could also choose any custom payment gateway from various options available. 

Teachmint Payments is currently not available for customers outside India but you can link your own account from Stripe, 2checkout or Xendit gateways.

Why Teachmore?

Teachmore provides various options on the payment gateway feature. The customers will be able to choose between Teachmore’s payment gateway or others namely - 2checkout, Paytm, Razorpay, Stripe, Instamojo, and Xendit. There are multiple payment gateway integration on Teachmore and the customers can switch to their next preferred option if one of them fails.

Speedy payment gateways will increase the versatility of your brand. Payment gateways act as the face of your online course business. Payment gateways on Teachmore are the ideal option for your online course considering all the security aspects and that it provides multiple options to make transactions in one checkout process. Along with creating every little section for your online course, build the most feasible payment gateway system with multiple options.


• Offer secure payments- Payment gateways offer a secure and speedy line to your payment processing environment. Customers also get the chance to choose which preferred payment method they would like to choose for making transactions with your online course. 

• Enable easy transactions- With Teachmore, make secure, faster, smoother transactions and hassle-free transactions. The payment gateway feature keeps your transactions up to date and away from the payment processing landscape.

• Minimum setup costs- The initial setup costs for payment gateways are affordable. You can set up your transaction services at the minimum costs. Payment gateways seek ways to lower operational costs with integrated payment systems. 

• Make worldwide transactions- With Teachmore allow your online courses to reach the global market. One of the prominent benefits is that it saves time in making worldwide transactions. No matter which part of the world you are in, you can collect payments in a swish. 

• Higher success rate- Payment gateways with Teachmore have a higher success rate. With the reputation that these payment gateway integration has been building, there are only a few cases of transactional failures.


1. How does the Teachmore payment gateway function? 

For Teachmint Payments, you need to complete the KYC procedure to activate the payment gateway integration for your online course. Once you are done with the KYC procedure, you will be able to move further with making transactions. 

For integrating your own payment gateway, all you need to do is to copy and paste a few technical api keys from your PG provider to Teachmore.

2. Are the payment gateways secure for the customers? 

Yes, the online payment gateway integration is secure for customers. They are set up and managed properly, hence customers can use them to make transactions without any hesitation. 

3. How to swiftly change payment providers? 

Yes, payment providers can be changed swiftly from the list of supported payment gateways at any time..


4. How do the payment gateways work? 

When your student wants to enroll to a paid course, they will be directed to the payment checkout page. There they can move on with the payment - confirm the amount and proceed. 

5. What are the advantages of using the Teachmint payment gateway? 

If you don’t already have a payment gateway account, we have partnered with Razorpay to provide a seamless experience for you to start receiving payments at special, significantly lower than industry transaction charges. Note that this option is only available for customers in India