Teachmore provides an effective online order management system for your online course website. The Orders feature comes with several benefits, from taking a look at who all have enrolled in your course to whether the customers have used an android or iOS device. The Orders feature also shows if there was any transaction failure during the payment processing timeline. In addition to these, this feature also keeps a note of all customer's ID details that can be used for various other purposes in maintaining your online course orders. This feature allows for coordinating the entire order generation process — from order breakdown and inventory/customer details to service availability. 

Why Teachmore 

Teachmore provides the most feasible form of tracking and recording data and information for all the orders related to your online course. The Orders feature allows you to keep a track of how all customers who have enrolled or purchased your course have done the payment. It can also track if there was any manual enrollment procedure. Additionally, the status of the order can be tracked through this feature. Furthermore, there will be new additions to the feature where - when a payment fails and a customer writes a query - it will be reflected on the page. 


Teachmore provides a platform for you to monitor all enrollments to your online course. The Orders feature helps in the tracking process of all enrollments or purchases of your online course. 

With a real-time tracking system, you can easily identify where the payment is in the process and pinpoint any hold-up and furthermore fix it. It helps in boosting the operational efficiency of your online course services. With Teachmore, keeping a track of all your order breakdown gets easier. 

Recording customer details is another benefit that the Orders feature offers. It supplementary helps to easily generate customers' invoices for future payments for your online course orders. 

With the Orders feature, you are able to keep a check on the order breakdown status and also further inform your customers or learners about it. Additionally, providing customers with accurate order information and updates lets them know that your online course business is both trustworthy and dependable. 

There might be several customers and learners purchasing or enrolling in your online course at once, with this feature you will be able to track the order breakdown for multiple users at the same time and make a report on them. It helps in setting the stage for purchases and maintaining them from time to time. 


  1. How can the orders be tracked? 

Orders can be tracked from the Sales tab on the Teachmore user log-in page. The creator will be able to track all orders at the same time. 

  1. Where to find the customer details? 

The customer details can be found just beside the orders for all users. The page will be redirected to the customer details page where all details about the customer purchasing the course can be found. 

  1. Can the payment status be tracked? 

Yes, the payment status can be tracked for all users. Additionally, all payment details can be tracked starting from how they made the payment to, which device they used.

  1. Can customers place orders from different devices? 

Yes, customers can place orders from different devices, be it Android or iOS, or from desktops.  

  1. Does this feature allow you to track if the order was successfully placed?

Yes, this feature allows you to track if the order was successfully placed or if there were any hiccups in the procedure.