The most important rule of course selling is to offer a good user experience, and such an experience depends largely on the theme of your website. The right theme adds credibility to your courses and makes them more visually appealing. With thousands of themes available online, choosing the right one for your website becomes rather confusing and difficult. 

Why Teachmore?

Teachmore offers its users a wide range of options to customize the appearance of their website. It provides diverse themes divided impeccably into multiple categories. These specialized themes create ease for the course creators. This means that an online course creator from almost every field can choose a theme designed specifically for their course genre. In short, Teachmore provides an effortless and flexible experience while selecting a theme for its users. 



1. What are the benefits of using a theme for your online course?

Using themes for your online courses can help you offer a personalized experience to the learners. In addition, it helps the users in giving a unique identity to their course. 

2. Can I edit my website theme even after launching the course?

Yes, with Teachmore the creators can change the theme of their online course as many times as they wish to. 

3. Can I preview the course using different online course website templates?

Yes, with Teachmore, the course creators can preview the look of their online course with different online course website templates.

4. How many days does it take to change the theme of your online course?

With Teachmore, the users can change the theme of their course within a few minutes. Teachmore makes the entire process effortless.

5. Do I need to pay extra for changing the theme of my online course?

No, with Teachmore, the users can choose an online course website template at zero cost.