Page Builder

While making your online course website, you can create as many web pages as you want including custom page flows and sections. You can use the existing templates for the homepage and landing page and customize themit to set the desired page flow. Further, it is easy to create more custom pages using the custom page builder. 

To summarize, Teachmore allows you to map and define the user navigation and journey seamlessly without a single line of code.

Landing page

A landing page is a web page with content specifically designed to attract visitors to take a desired action. Users see this page on visiting your site when they are not logged in. Use the landing page to sell a product, attract potential clients, or spread awareness about your brand. 

Home page

A home page is the first page that a user sees after login. It contains the main navigation, along with links to other important pages on the site. With Teachmore, you will be able to create the ideal homepage for your online course that would represent the information/courses relevant to the logged-in user.

Why Teachmore?

Teachmore creates the perfect landing and home page for online courses as it offers custom templates to help you stand out. You can upload your course material and build the pages according to your course theme, helping you bring more traffic to your site. Users can build an online course website template with Teachmore.

The Teachmore team is dedicated to supporting course creators through the process of creating an online course. We offer personalized customer service, a quality curriculum, and a wide variety of options in designing your online course website. 

You can customize sections & menu bar, design headers, and footers, and add/delete required pages from the titles headers.


Customize pages

One of the benefits of pages on Teachmore is that you will be able to add personalized pages apart from the pre-available templates of the homepage & landing page. The flow of custom pages is totally flexible and you can add as many sections as you want to the custom page. 

Provides additional insights 

You can use a variety of assets such as: banners, images, and videos while creating web pages to provide specific insights to your customers and use Call to action buttons to redirect the users to appropriate pages. 

Generate leads and conversions 

Landing pages help to capture the leads visiting your site. Use attractive banners, and grids to showcase your brand and course content in a way that incites the users to signup and explore more. Building a good sales course page also increases the chances of converting leads into sales.

Custom Code

In addition to the plenty of templates and assets available with Teachmore’s page builder, you can use custom codes to give a differentiated look & feel to your website. You can use custom codes to incorporate components like headers, warnings, and cards to further customize your website. 

Saves time

With the readily available templates for the most essential pages of the website (homepage & landing page), you can have a fully functional website in a matter of minutes. With easy-to-build components like image with text, grids, and banners, you can create custom pages in a jiffy.

Teachmore is all you need.

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Can we change the look of the home page? 

Yes, the look of the homepage can be changed. It can be customized to have the desired flow of content and sections. You can make changes to each section or card on the homepage. Further, using the categories & collections feature, you can group the course & present on the website in form of bundles. 

What all sections can be included on the landing page? 

Various sections can be included on the landing page starting from the banners, image with text card, featured products or courses section or card, testimonials, and footer group. 

What are the benefits of using Teachmore to create pages? 

There are several benefits of using Teachmore to create pages - it helps you create the ideal landing and home page for your online course website with a multitude of options for customization. You just need to select the template for pages and upload the course material and content with your preference using the page builder feature. 

What is the difference between a homepage and a landing page? 

The homepage is what users see after login, and the landing page is what users see when they visit the page when they are not logged in. The home page of your online course is to showcase relevant content to logged-in users, drive course sales, and engage users after logging in; the landing page helps to attract potential learners and drive signups to your website & courses. 

What information can be included on the landing page? 

The landing page can include a variety of sections such as: courses, posts, and featured courses. The landing page can also include relevant banners, promotional images with text, testimonials to build credibility, and most importantly courses segmented into categories/collections. 

Teachmore is all you need.

No plugins, No integration required. Start selling courses online within hours

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