Creating an online course and taking it to a successful stage is a multi-step process. Every course creator desires to give the best experience, offers, and discounts to their customers. The majority of course creators wonder about the right way to do so., Offering discount coupons is a smart choice. Discount coupons are the unique codes that learners can use to avail of discounts while purchasing a course. 

Why Teachmore?

A good marketing strategy is what it takes to make an online course cross the benchmarks. Teachmore offers its users a wide range of marketing options, one of them being ‘coupons’. With Teachmore, the online course creators can offer customized coupons to their customers. The course creators can easily add multiple filters to the coupon codes. Right from the expiry date of the code to the discount percentage, the creators can modify the coupons in a few clicks. Teachmore also provides its users with a beneficial feature of email marketing for online courses. With the help of this, users can communicate with learners easily


• Increased sales- It is observed that offers like discount coupons largely attract customers. Using creative marketing techniques like offering discount coupons is sure to help the course creators in increasing their sales. In addition, attracting new customers is also a perk of the marketing technique. 

• Promotional tool- Coupons act as a promotional tool for the brand of your online course. When you provide coupons for your online course it gets the attention of your potential customers. The creators might see a great spike in their conversion rates. Additional benefits like lead generation and more are what the feature offers. 

• Incentives for customers- Keeping the customers happy is the most crucial part of course selling. Coupons also act as incentives for potential customers. It gives them a sense of feasibility as they get better offers by enrolling in your course. 

• Customizable coupons- To provide a seamless user experience, customizing the offerings is a must for online course creators. Teachmore also gives you an option to customize according to your requirements. You could have early bird coupons for customers who are enrolling in the first week of the launch. 

• Easy to use- Course creators often think that providing customized discount coupons is a challenging task. However, with Teachmore, creating coupons is extremely simple. All they need to do is give their inputs like the discount percentage, etc., and Teachmore takes care of the rest. 


1. Can I create a coupon code myself for my online course?

Yes, with Teachmore, the online course creators can create customized coupon codes themselves in a few clicks. 

2. How many times can a user use a coupon code?

The number of times a user can use a coupon code totally depends on the course creator and what they want to offer to the users. Teachmore allows the course creators to customize the number as per their requirements. 

3. What is the amount of discount that I can provide using a coupon code? 

The discount percentage can vary for different course creators, depending on their goals and targets. With Teachmore, the course creators are independent to choose the discount percentage.

4. Does a coupon code attract new customers? 

Yes, it is observed that offers like discount coupons attract the customers largely. 

5. Is it difficult to use a coupon code? 

No, if the course creators choose the right course selling platform, then creating coupon codes for the online course will not be a challenging task.

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