Comments on online business post or videos allow people to convey their opinions and viewpoints. It builds a sense of authenticity for your online course brand. Using Teachmore allows course creators to gather feedback through open comments. Comments provide a space for course creators to connect with their audience. It also provides instant answers to questions on comments from subscribers. It enables a sense of community that would add value to your online course service.

Why Teachmore 

The comments feature from Teachmore gives an extra look into what your subscribers have to say about your online course offerings and what your potential subscribers are looking for. 

Comments act as a great marketing tool to improve your online course service. With Teachmore, interact directly with your course audience and gain feedback. It also keeps your subscribers engaged with the online course platform. When your customers give direct personal feedback, it builds a sense of confidence in your online course. 


Drive traffic

Comments help in driving traffic to your online course website. It helps increase business engagement for the website. When people have any questions or feedback, they’ll be visiting your website to follow up. It drives traffic and engagement to your course and promotes it. 

Gather feedback

Comments are a great way to gather feedback. Your subscribers will be giving genuine feedback on your posts. Along with that, you will also be able to make out what your potential audience is looking for. 

Build relationship

When you respond to questions and doubts by your subscribers, it builds a sense of trust and communication between you and your subscribers or learners. It acts as a primary platform for communicating and building relationships with your learners. 

Show your expertise

Encouraging conversations and feedback with your online course audience increases accountability. It shows your expertise in the field or genre of your online course. It adds up value to your content or courseware. 

Generate new ideas

Comments also generate fresh user content that can push higher search exposure for your online course website. The more users comment on your posts, it will generate more engagement and also generate new ideas from the feedback. 


Can the comments be deleted? 

No, comments cannot be deleted. Yet comments can be hidden by the creators themselves. Furthermore, those comments can also be unhidden when/if required. 

How to enable comments? 

When creating your online course website with Teachmore, you will be able to enable comments from the Activity tab. 

Is there any character limit for comments?

There is no character limit for comments. However, it is always recommended that comments are short and precise so that it grabs the attention of whoever is reading them. 

Can comments be hidden?

Yes, comments can be hidden if the course creator thinks it is not appropriate to showcase on their site. Furthermore, comments can also be unhidden if required further. 

Who all can moderate comments on Teachmore? 

The course creators can moderate comments on the Teachmore platform. The course creators can hide, unhide and manage comments by customers. 

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