Enable affiliate program for your academy from your Teachmore dashboard. Affiliate marketing with Teachmore can be your go-to marketing strategy for promoting your online course. With Teachmore, you can create links and send them to your partners, who further can promote your online course site. With affiliate marketing, you can allow others to earn commissions for driving up your sales and sign-ups and also control custom roles.

Why Teachmore? 

With Teachmore, you can set up and enable an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is considered to be a proven technique to increase revenue for your online course. You can set the percentage rates for commissions and sales. On Teachmore, you can set the commission validity in terms of the number of days. Furthermore, the affiliate will get the commission if the sign-up happens within 15 days. You can also check the affiliate dashboard for more details. 



Affiliate marketing is cost-effective. Creating an affiliate program with Teachmore does not require a design team. The most important points are already highlighted and set up for you on Teachmore. 

Better brand visibility 

The Affiliates feature on Teachmore helps in building better brand awareness. It is one of the most effective ways of promoting your online course site. 

Targeted traffic 

Affiliates that resonate with your course brand will most likely have individuals with their area of influence that’ll find your online course brand useful.

High ROI 

With the Affiliates feature your target audience will hear of your online course from affiliates that are within their spheres of influence. Affiliate marketing has a high ROI as affiliates have direct access to your target audience. 

Flexible marketing 

The affiliates program provides you with a flexible marketing field, it can be a small or big one, or with cost or no cost. Affiliates give you a great opportunity to scale up promoting your online course site. 

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Can we check the signups on the affiliates feature? 

Yes, we can check the sign-ups on the affiliates feature. You can also check out the details of the users and affiliates. 

How to check partners on the affiliates feature on Teachmore? 

Yes, the affiliate program on Teachmore allows you to check partners and know about the details on the dashboard. 

How to manage affiliates on Teachmore? 

You will find the affiliates option on the marketing section of the Teachmore dashboard. You can check out all details and manage affiliates there. 

What are the advantages of affiliates? 

Promoting your online course through affiliates has many benefits - namely, is cost-effective, builds better brand visibility, has high ROI, and more. 

Where to check sales commissions? 

You can check the sales commissions on the affiliates feature on the marketing section of your Teachmore dashboard.

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Teachmore is all you need.

No plugins, No integration required. Start selling courses online within hours

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