Features to make your course creation journey easy



Learn how you can use themes to improve user experience and build a strong brand


Learn how to use coupons as a marketing strategy to boost your earnings


Learn how to use Teachmore's multiple Payment Gateway options


Learn how to build customized webpages for your digital academy

Push Notification

Learn how to use in-app notifications to boost learner engagement


Learn how to use the posts features on Teachmore to boost learner engagement


Learn how reviews can help build your brand and credibility as a creator


Learn how to use SMSes to boost learner engagement


Learn how to use comments to increase interactions with learners and visitors


Learn how to use orders feature on Teachmore to track and record all orders

Roles & Permissions

Learn how to invite collaborators to work on your academy

Manage SEO

Learn how Teachmore can help you with SEO to increase visibility of your acedamy


Learn how to use reports to get detailed analysis of historical orders


Learn how to use email marketing to boost your reach and engagement


Learn how to use banners to boost sales


Learn how to use Teachmore Blogs to boost learner engagement


Learn how to use affiliates as a go-to-market strategy for your academy

Custom Code

Learn how to integrate with third party services like Hotjar, Google Analytics, etc.


Learn about Teachmore's Billing and Invoicing system

Manage Logo

Learn how to use custom logos to build a strong brand image

Custom Redirects

Learn to set up customized redirects to build a stronger brand and better learner engagement

Course Content

Learn about all the different types of content you can create on Teachmore

Manage Domain

Learn how you can manage your domains and set up custom domains


Learn how Teachmore's Feed can help you engage your learners

iOS App

Learn how Teachmore can help you deploy your own app on Apple Appstore

Android App

Learn how Teachmore can help you deploy your own app on Google Playstore