Tips to Conduct Introductory Classes for your Online Course

We all have been nervous during our first day in school, first day in college, first day at work, or first day anywhere. When someone asks us to give an introduction of ourselves, how nervous do we get? Similarly, teachers or online course creators tend to get nervous durimg their introductory classes while introducing a new brand or online course. However, that shouldn’t be the case. In this blog, we will be talking about the meaning of introductory classes, its importance, and tips to conduct excellent introductory classes for introducing a new brand.

What are Introductry Classes?

The first classes that a teaccher or an online course creator conducts to interact and engage with the students/learners is known as an introductory class.

When you attend an online class, watch an online video, or scroll through reels what’s the one thing that takes you back? For most people it’s how the person on the other hand communicates to them. Similarly when we talk about introducing a new brand, it is crucial how you conduct your introductory classes. Your introductory classes will impact how your learners will further engage with you in your online course. While introducing a new brand like your online course, conducting a good introductory class will ensure a good user engagement as well as good customer retention.

When it comes to courses online, getting started is one of the tough steps to take. After the process of planning and sorting your course, it might still be tough for you to start with your introductory classes. Starting with the perfect topic to looking at yourself on the screen, the process can be overwhelming, and starting with it can sometimes make you feel nervous. But just like they say ‘You start it and you feel better the moment you do’. The moment you start with your class or introduction on online class, you’ll feel the need to continue it onwards. Yet there are certain points to note when starting your ecourse online as your first introduction on online classes.
Let us look at the points on how to conduct your introductory class for your ecourse online –

1. Give a short introduction for yourself

When starting with the introductory class of your course selling process, make sure you tell your students a little bit about yourself. Tell the learners about the experiences you had in the field. This will help them in knowing about you and your caliber. This also adds up to them knowing they are learning and acquiring skills from an experienced person. Giving the introduction on online classes also builds communication. When students also give their introduction, this is how the interaction in the introductory class will start.‍ Here are a few examples on how you can introduce yourself-

  • Hello you all, thank you for enrolling to this course, I am Ram, an ex-product manager at XYZ, and a full-time online course creator now. Together, we’ll make sure that you find it the best investment you’ll ever make, let’s get started!
  • Hi team, this is your coach Ram, a writer with 9+published books, 3000 sold copies, and the writer of the bestseller ‘XYZ’. By this end of this course, I will be helping you in getting closer to your dreams, just be with me with all you have!

2. Give an introduction to your course

Whenever you start with an online course or with introducing a new brand, make sure that you give the students an introduction to your online course. Tell your students about the duration of your course, what is going to be the course pattern, and what is their journey going to look like in the future. This would make sure that the students know what they are stepping into.

  • Hello Team, yes, we’re a team now! In our ’10 days coding challenge’ we are all set to crack to coding hacks that will get you the highest paying jobs. The course is divided into 3 parts, we’ll finish them by day 6. The last 4 days will be a rocketship where you will be working on real projects. All the best, give your best!
  • Hello Team, welcome to the ’10 days coding challenge’. Here, we will learn, unlearn, and discover new things by working on real projects right from Day 1. Gear up for the exciting ride!

3. Give them a gist about the benefits from the course

‍Your introductory class is a great way to introduce your entire online course or introducing a new brand. It gives students an idea of what the course will be about, as well as some of the benefits it could bring to their life. For example, tell them about the benefits they are going to receive after enrolling in your course. Or things liklearning through the course would give them more time for activities like work or volunteering. This is because it takes less time than going to a traditional school. If they are motivated enough, they can start the course in just a few minutes! Here’s what you can say-

  • Hey batch 7, thank you for enrolling in our ‘Personality Development Course’, here are three things you can surely expect by the end of this session-
    -Confident Communication
    -Improved Body Language
  • Hello my dear learners, get ready to transform your personality with our promising ‘Personality Development Course’. The course guarantees you results if you manage to stay loyal with it. All the best!

4. Have icebreaker sessions

One of the best ways to get your students to open up is by having a quick icebreaker session or conduct introductory classes. You can do this at the beginning of ecourse online(or while introducing a new brand) or at the end. Have students talk about themselves and share something that they find interesting. This can be their favorite food, what they are studying, or an upcoming event. Icebreakers are important to make the students comfortable and get the course started. Here’s how you can start with introduction on online classes-

  • Hello everyone, I am very bad at Mathematics, but my English is comparatively better, so here I am with a ‘Master in English in 20 Days’ course, what are weaknesses and strengths?
  • Hello team, while we continue to learn, I would want this interaction to be engaging and fun, so what’s your favourite music? Do you know any other languages, etc.
    Read more Icebreaker questions for introduction on online classes here.

5. Let them have learner to learner interaction

‍Learning from a tutor is one way to get the information needed to pass an online course. The advantage of this, is that students often can get the help they need when they need it. Students often get into situations where they want to talk to people, but find it difficult. A possible solution to this problem is to allow learners to interact with each other while they learn from the ecourse online through introductory classes. This communication would be really beneficial for the students and will surely make their learning journey better.

‍Thank you and happy learning!

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