What Not to Do With Google Ads for Online Courses

Have you ever thought of turning the visitors into potential learners for your site? How about bringing in your potential learners to the enrollment page? That is a procedure where you will need to build a solid marketing plan. Course creators always find the best ways to promote their courses through search engine marketing rather than any other marketing and sales method. Google AdWords optimization techniques are where you make an estimate of how well your Google ads account is set to perform to drive traffic. 

Advertising through Google Ads gives the opportunity to reach potential customers looking for online courses that help them learn something they have been waiting for. There is no limit to how many courses you can create but you need to look at the kind of advertising you do for your courses. 

There are a few things that you need to know before you build a plan for advertising your online course – 

  • Identify the niche for your course 

As a course creator, you need to figure out what are the needs and wants of your customers. You need to build a plan based on what your potential customers would be looking for. Reflect on the date you have and create an advertising plan for your course that would bring in the maximum number of potential learners for your online course. For example, if you’re planning to create a class in the cooking category, do research on all the courses available in that particular genre and further make an analysis from that. 

  • Test your course 

Before you move on to creating a plan for advertising your online course, you need to run a test for your course and check out if it resonates with existing courses in the same category or genre. You can make changes if required accordingly before you advertise it. Even the most successful online courses may have a drawback at their testing stage. 

Before taking your course live, you need to make sure that you create a demo session for your audience, where they would pick out points and give out some constructive feedback. 

  • Do the research

Before moving on to using Google AdWords for your online course, check out and note what people are searching for or what all words are ranking. You could use Google Trends or Keyword Planner for this. Keyword research is one of the most important aspects when it comes to ranking your online course website organically. When it comes to the question of how to promote online courses with google ads, you need to make sure that you make proper research on the keywords that you will be using for the content on your online course website. 

Let us look at what not to do while using Google Ads in your online courses are –

  • Not using the right keywords 

Google Ads have their keyword match types available – exact, phrase, and broad. These are the three terms that Google Ads advertisers are familiar with. Most course creators often make mistakes in using the wrong keyword match type. These terms might be closely connected to each other, yet broad match is the most popular form in the match types. Broad match of keywords will make your ad eligible to present and therefore eligible for a click from your potential learners, on a larger range of queries than either exact or phrase. If you do not focus on broad match keywords in one way these match types can really run low. For example, you might use clickbait keywords yet do not deviate from the main point of focus of your online course. 

  • Not measuring the ROI 

According to Eric Siu of Single Grain, another mistake that many advertisers make is not measuring their ROI. It could be considered a waste of time if you run an ad without tracking the conversion rate. You need to conduct conversion tracking and track your profit margins. When it comes to google ad words optimization techniques measuring ROI is one of the most important metrics that you need to track. 

  • Poorly structured ads 

One of the common mistakes that course creators make while creating advertising plans is a lack of ad extensions. You need to make sure that you add an extra piece of information or links to your ad. It adds up to the organic listing of your ad campaign. To make your ad more customized you could add the location, phone number, or site link extensions. The right ad extensions will definitely increase your click rate. 

Writing a compelling ad copy is essential for the advertising process of your online course.  

  • Managing your brand image 

As a course creator, you need to make sure that you bid on your own brand name keywords in order to increase conversions. You need to make sure you use the appropriate keywords that would help your course rank on the top along with all other elements like the logo, tagline, color scheme, etc. 

  • Not using negative keywords 

Adding to the above ones, not using negative keywords also is another mistake that course creators make. There are keywords that have a high quality, while others might be detrimental to big and target. Negative keywords are the easiest way to reach your potential audience, reduce your cost and boost your ROI. It also helps to increase the Google Ads quality score. For example, adding the wrong negative keyword match type would prevent your ads from appearing in searches that you might not want to target. 

  • Underfunding your ad campaigns 

Combine your campaign structure or settings to ensure you get some insight and performance for the work you’ve put into building the ad plan. While creating the ad campaign or plan for your online course, make sure you spend enough time on an efficient and successful campaign. 

These are a few of the points to look into while using Google Ads for your advertising your online courses. Hope reading this blog would help you create the best plan for using Google AdWords for your online course. 

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