Ways to Gamify Your Online Course

Thinking of adding some fun elements to your online course? Gamification is considered one of the best ways to increase engagement in online classes. Online courses could be made more fun and interactive with the help of gamification, as in using the mechanics of games, like rewards or points or winners where there is competition. And this competition only leads to your learners getting more involved in learning. They are focused on winning the goal of achieving the points and in the process they learn from it, they grasp the information that is put out to them.

In reference to online courses, gamification is a teaching tool to boost the learning capacity of learners and students through gaming mechanics.

This concept of gamifying your online course capitalizes on the human desire to meet an objective or acquire the desired goal or win the top position. When teaching a certain subject, you create a challenge for the students or learners of your online course – they get engrossed in achieving the goal and finishing off the challenge, and in the process, they learn about the topic and grasp the information with enthusiasm.

Let’s look at some of the ways through which you can gamify your online course –

1. Track the progress

Tracking the progress of your students is a simple concept. Students or learners feel more motivated when their work is being appreciated or acknowledged. Hence you as a course creator or educator need to do some progress tracking for your learners so that they know that their work is being reviewed. Students need to know how they are doing at their levels so that they can either improve if required. You can let the learners know about their progress and then they can track and see if they are moving towards their desired goals or not.


2. Rewards‍

When it comes to games, rewards are something all people look up to. Be it children or adults they like it when they are rewarded for the work they have done. The same goes in an online course environment, when learners achieve a target they feel more motivated when they are rewarded for their hard work. Rewards don’t have to be material things; they also can be points systems, recognition, tickets to a movie, coupons for favorite stores, some digital certificates just a big round of applause.

3. Bring in games‍

To gamify your online course, you could also use the mechanics of games for real, like a game of bingo or puzzles, or quizzes. It is always a great idea to add fun elements to your online course for better engagement. Games keep students or learners interested and engaged rather than getting bored because of continuous lectures. Picture quizzes are a great way to enhance learning. It can help you to make a revision of your learners or students if they have understood the concepts you taught.

4. Social sharing

Sharing your achievements with your family and friends is always motivating. You could create badges in your online course, where if a learner crosses that level achieves a badge. They could share that with their family and friends and even on social media. It would also help you when other people would recognize your online course and might enroll in it if they are interested. When sharing personal achievements and joy with others, validates their hard work, and also they as learners get more support and motivation from outside people. Existing social sharing motivated learners to continue and work more diligently.

5. Create challenges

It is a human instinct that when they are challenged they perform better. You could decide and design different kinds of challenges where learners could take it in a constructive way for their learning. The kind of challenges depends on the type, of course, you are creating. You could use quizzes, pools, and other online modules to help the learners of your online course learn better by competing to win the fixed target. You could create assessments for your online course and gamify the experience for your students or learners.

Hope reading this blog helps you to plan on how to gamify your online course. Make sure to make it interactive. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.

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