Tools for Online Course Creators

As online course creators, you will need to decide the resources and tools required to plan and create courses online. With the fast-moving technology, there is a lot of competition in the online courses market. As a course creator, you might want to always be ahead of your competitors. For a successful online course, you will need to do market research related to the category you have chosen. And for this market research, you will need tools to do the analysis and further run a successful online service as a course.

There are two types of tools for online course creators, paid options and free options. There are paid tools that require less time and effort to utilize and there are free options that give community-driven solutions.
Let us look at some of the tools essential to create courses online –

1. Learning Management System

One of the most essential tools for online course creators is the course platform or a learning management system. The LMS is the tool that is required to host and sell your courses online. You need to look into a few of the features while choosing the appropriate LMS for your online course, namely – the ability to host online courses, the scalability, reliability, and security, the user experience level, authoring tools, etc. There are many tools available for course creation, they are also known as course authoring tools.

2. Content Editing Tools

Content is the most important part of online course creation. You need to create content that is informative and engaging. There are several tools available on the internet for creators to create online courses. The tools help to record, edit and publish content. One of the essential is the video editing tools as videos have replaced the traditional blackboard in the classroom environment. Videos grab most of the learners’ attention when it comes to learning and acquiring what is being taught in online courses.

3. Presentation tools

Presentation tools include all the graphics, images, and illustrations that are required when you create courses online. The images, graphics, and illustrations create the face of your online course as you use them to present the face of your online course. There are several royalty-free stock images, graphics, and illustrations sites available online. You do not have to design your images and graphics from scratch if you have a time crunch or are not an expert at it. Presentation tools will help you to edit and customize the images to make them unique for your course.

4. Marketing and Sales Tools

Marketing and sales tools are required as you need to create an impact and make your online course visible to the market for better traction. Marketing tools are essential for course creators to create courses online as these tools are used to reach amongst the target audiences. Marketing and sales tools consist of segments including tracking and reporting tools as in analytics, where you can track the website traffic etc. Other tools include – Email marketing, Chatbots, Referral tools, etc.

5. Productivity tools

Being a course creator could be stressful, hence productivity tools could help you manage your work, documents, and other files. Productivity tools help would help you to manage everything between organizing the workflow, course structure, lesson planning, tasks reminders, and scheduling meetings and sessions with your learners or students.

Adding to these categories of tools for course creators, there are tools for creating comics and animations and quizzes and questionnaires, etc. All these tools are widely available on the internet. These tools will help you in managing time and creating insightful lecture videos along with developing all other courseware.
Hope reading this blog, you got an idea about the various tools. You could use them to lessen your burden when you create courses online. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.

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