Tips to Shoot Good Quality Videos for Online Course

“Video marketing solidifies your online presence whilst building deep and meaningful relationships with your customers. It adds a personal touch to your brand whilst increasing your conversions!” – Lilach Bullock [Business Coach, Tech Influencer]

1. Videos help in gaining customer trust- Videos play a significant role in making an online course successful. It enables the course creators in gaining customer trust and faith.
For example- if you are buying a product from an online website that offers the customers an opportunity to compare and choose the same product from various brands which one would you choose-

Option 1- The brand that has an introductory video or user guide video of their product

Option 2- The brand that does not have videos to market or sell their product 

A majority of us would choose Option 1 as it offers- 

  • Clarity about the product
  • Helps in trusting the brand, etc.
    Similarly, videos can help online course creators in earning customer trust and gain credibility in the market.

2. People tend to learn more via video content- It is scientifically proven that a person tends to remember more of what he sees than what he reads or hears. Therefore, in order to make your online course highly effective, the course creators must add videos to their online course. It will also help them in offering additional learning material/aids to the students. 

3. Videos are versatile- Videos are versatile and they will surely help the online course creators in adding information for the learners. The course creators can use multiple techniques like easy real-life examples, simple learning techniques, etc. to engage and support the learners. There is no fixed format for creating videos. The course creators can pick whatever mode and way they like. 

4. They are impactful and engaging- Videos are simply engaging and impactful. As you know, it is easier for learners to remember what they see more than what they hear or read. Therefore, creating videos is the best way of making learning fun as well as effective for learners. 

5. Helps you in building a good brand image-  In addition to all the above-mentioned points, creating videos also helps online course creators in building a good brand image. Videos are visually appealing and it helps the course creators in attracting the attention of the learners/ potential learners. The course creators can also use videos to generate leads and ultimately get higher conversions. 

What are the Qualities of a Good Video? 

Talks directly to the audience- People ask questions like how to record online course videos or best tips for making online courses. However, before actually creating the video, it is crucial to understand the audience, the learners, and their requirements. For instance, if you are creating a video for your online course on the topic, ‘Baking- the basic guide’, then the content of your video should include information about the basics of baking and not its advanced versions. Following this tip will help you in retaining customers and build customer trust. 

Visually appealing- The most important part of a video is its visuals. The goal behind creating videos is to engage the audience as much as possible. Creating visually appealing videos is a perfect way of doing the same. Therefore, the course creators should make sure to make their videos visually appealing by adding different fonts, edits, themes, etc. to the videos. In short, the answer to your questions how to record online course videos or best tips for making online courses is to make the videos visually appealing. 

Contains information- In order to make sure that the videos included in the online course work well or actually prove to be effective is to ensure that the videos are full of information. The course creators should ensure that they include relevant information in the videos. In addition, they can also add reference links, etc who;e writing the description of the videos. Therefore, a very important answer to the questions how to record online course videos or best tips for making online courses is to choose solid content to be added in the course videos. 

Accurate time limit- In order to make good quality videos or record online course videos, the course creators should ensure that the length of their videos is correct. The length of the videos should not be too long or too short. There may be multiple negative impacts in both cases. Therefore, in order to make sure that the learners do not get bored or miss out on any relevant information, the course creators should create videos of the right length. In short, another important answer to the questions how to record online course videos or best tips for making online courses is to choose the accurate time limit for your course videos. 

How much should be the length of the videos? 

Many online courses and course creators use videos as a significant component of their online courses. There are multiple reasons for the same like videos act as an additional study aid, etc. One decision that the course creators should take while creating videos for their online course is how much should be the length of the videos. The length of the videos plays an important role in making the videos successful. 


Videos Too Long- If the course creators create videos or record online course videos that are too long then there are chances that the learners would not watch the videos till the end. Or there are chances that the learners won’t even start watching the videos noticing it’s watch time. Therefore, it is crucial that the course creators do not create videos that are too long. 

Videos Too Short- Creating videos that are too short might also create a problem for the online course creators. In order to keep the videos short, the creators might skip including some important or necessary information in the videos. This might impact the credibility of the course and the course creators. It will create a ‘less reliable’ image of the brand amongst the customers. Therefore, it is crucial that the course creators do not create videos that are too short. 


A large-scale study from researchers at MIT used data from 6.9 million video-watching sessions. The top of the second page has recommendations for the types of videos that work best, including a recommendation that videos should be shorter than six minutes in length.


In order to choose the perfect length of their online course, the course creators should create videos that are not too long or too long. To ensure the same, the course creators can also add mini-lectures or multiple accurate-length videos that will solve their problem of creating videos of accurate length.

How to Choose the Right Background for Videos?

 Option 1- Leave it Unpatterned

If you ever come to a situation where you are unable to decide on what kind of background you should choose for your online course, backgrounds with solid colors can truly be your savior. The best part about selecting solid colors is that it offers you a large plate of choices. You can choose light shades, dark shades, or anything in between as per your preference. You can totally decide the look of your videos and assure that the background of your course isn’t too distracting for the learners.

Option  2- Use Illustrations

The second option is to use illustrations as a background. I am sure that as a course creator you will want to keep your users engaged and want them to think good about your classes. One way in which you can do that is by using illustrated backgrounds for your online course. Illustrated backgrounds not only seem attractive, but they actually reflect a lot about your perspectives and thought processes. Therefore, make sure to choose the right illustrations for the background of your videos.

Option 3- Use pictures that tell a story

Once I was watching a video of a motivational speaker, they were shooting that video at their home because it was Covid times and maybe his studio was not accessible. The wall of his room was full of meaningful posters, most of them were about being optimistic, positive, and solution-oriented in life. The atmosphere of that video was so positive that I felt like living a positive life. The very next morning I bought a home plant and a few posters for my room. In short, the speaker’s story someway motivated me and left an impact on my life. Therefore, I suggest you use such a background that tells your story as a course creator.

Option 4- Plants & Paintings

Putting painting and plants in the background is the safest option when it comes to choosing the right background for your online course. It not only gives an aesthetically pleasing look to your video but also creates a positive environment near you. You will automatically feel fresh and will want to give your best to the course.

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Videos?

The appropriate lighting aids in establishing the scene’s atmosphere and tone produces a pleasing shot, and ensures that your audience can see what you intend for them too. A crucial component of video production is lighting. Depending on the type of video you want to film, it might be challenging to get enough light for cameras to generate a high-quality image and create the correct ambiance. Understanding which lighting to use and how to set it up is crucial if you want the appropriate light for your films. Here are a few steps that will help you in choosing the right lighting for your online course-

Step 1- Prep up for the Shoot

Step 2- Choose the lighting type

Step 3- Set up a 3 Point Lighting System

Step 4- Choose Light Color Temperature

Step 5- Look out for Glare

Curious to read more about these steps in detail? Click here to read more about the same.

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