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Description for YouTube channel: Longer watch times, higher view counts, and even additional subscribers may all be attained by optimizing your YouTube description. Additionally, it can aid YouTube SEO, enabling the platform’s system to comprehend your video and recommend it to new people, further raising your YouTube stats.

You should include writing these descriptions in your entire YouTube strategy. But how can you create effective descriptions? Here are a few of our favorite pointers for optimizing your YouTube description.

description for YouTube channel

What is a description on YouTube?

There are mainly two types of description for YouTube channel. They are:

  • Channel descriptions on YouTube: The text that appears on your channel’s About page. It assists customers in knowing what to anticipate from your brand and may be utilized to justify why they ought to subscribe to your channel.
  • Video descriptions on YouTube: The text that follows each video. It makes people more likely to locate and watch your video material. Links and any other information pertinent to your video may also be included.

Best Tips to Write YouTube Description

YouTube is a huge platform, with more than 2 million logins per month. With such huge competition, even small details matter. YouTube description is that small detail. This description for YouTube channel help in reaching out to the target audience and viewers will know what your channel is all about. Let us look at some tips for writing YouTube descriptions.

Be Specific

One has to be specific for both the channel and video descriptions on YouTube depending on the keywords you choose. Your descriptions’ keywords will aid YouTube’s system in classifying, understanding, and surfacing your material. The better the keywords, the more exact they should be.

For instance, internet video text will be a less helpful keyword than YouTube video descriptions for a film on writing descriptions for YouTube videos.

Don’t Skip Keyword Research 

Unsure of the best keywords to use in description for YouTube channel? You may get started by using resources like Google Trends and the Keyword Planner for Google Ads. You may determine whether a keyword you’re considering using Google Trends, for instance. The tool may be used to determine which terms receive more searches.

Searchable Keywords

Instead of using YouTube itself, more and more individuals are finding YouTube videos through Google searches. To increase the visibility of your movie, combine keywords that are based on Google and YouTube search trends. Simply Google a certain keyword to discover how likely it is to appear in Google search results. You’re on the right road if you see YouTube videos at the top of the search results page!

Must know how to use KW

Knowing how to include your keywords in your descriptions makes sense once you’ve determined which ones to use. In each channel and video description, try to use two or three relevant keywords. The primary keyword should also be in the title of videos. To make each term stand out to YouTube’s algorithm, repeat it two to three times in the description. However, try to avoid using the terms too frequently to avoid getting punished for keyword stuffing.

Where to use KW

In the first three phrases of your description (or above the fold, also known as the “SHOW MORE” button), your core keywords should appear at least once. Don’t wait until the very end to describe the subject of your video or channel because both the YouTube algorithm and users pay close attention to this section of the description. We hope this point on the description for YouTube channel is clear.

Track which KW works

As soon as you begin creating keyword-rich YouTube descriptions, you may utilize YouTube Analytics to determine the sources of your traffic. You may concentrate just on keywords that provide you the most visitors with the aid of this tool.

By 2021, recommended videos will drive more traffic to YouTube than search engine results. The description of your video plays a role in how YouTube’s algorithm interprets its subject. This implies that the location of your video’s suggestion depends heavily on the description.

Use YouTube analytics to see which other videos your audience is watching to your benefit. Then, in order to strengthen these linkages and appear as a suggested video more frequently, you might include comparable wording in your descriptions.

Important information for better CTR

The First 100-150 characters of a YouTube video description is the part that appears in the search results. This space is important for reaching the target audience & improving CTR. Use this space properly and provide the apt or compelling reason to watch your video.

We hope that this blog has helped you understand the importance of YouTube video descriptions and description for YouTube channel.

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