Teachmore vs Thinkific: A Better Thinkific Alternative

Thinkific Alternative: Teachmore and Thinkific are undoubtedly two of the very finest online course platforms available. Several platforms allow you to create and sell online courses under your own brand. They both provide reliable solutions, all the necessary course development tools, including limitless video storage, are fairly priced, and generally, their characteristics are extremely similar.

Given how similar these two platforms are, it might be challenging for some course designers to compare Teachmore and Thinkific. They wind up devoting a lot of time to web research without ever receiving a firm justification for why they ought to offer courses on one platform over another. In this blog, we will briefly analyze the features of Teachmore and Thinkific. We will also focus on why Teachmore is the best in the market. Let’s get started.

Teachmore vs Thinkific: Overview

Thinkific Alternative: The two most often used systems for online courses are Thinkific and Teachmore. The key distinction between the two systems is that Teachmore has superior sales & marketing capabilities while Thinkific has better tools for constructing websites and creating online courses. Additionally, they have quite different price structures. Teachmore provides flexibility in website building, hence, a creator has the liberty to design their website freely.

It has been fascinating to see the competition between Teachmore and Thinkific. Both have consistently improved their systems and added new features. Teachmore has seen a lot of growth since its launch. Let’s go a little further to determine which online course platform, Teachmore or Thinkific, is superior. ​

What are Teachmore and Thinkific?

Thinkific Alternative: Teachmore and Thinkific are two hosting services that let you offer to create online courses from your website.

You may structure your courses, safeguard course content, receive payments online, distribute content professionally, and further engage your students by uploading all forms of content, including videos and quizzes.

Most significantly, you can accomplish all of this without any technical knowledge. The technical aspects, such as hosting, security, upgrades, and maintenance, are handled by their staff.

The fundamental premise of each of these approaches is to offer a user-friendly platform that enables you to get going right away and enables you to concentrate on your primary task of developing and marketing courses.

You also need to be clear that Teachmore and Thinkific aren’t online course markets like Udemy or SkillShare. Consequently, you will have total control over the price, student data, and your policies (e.g. refund, discount, etc.).

Despite having mostly comparable capabilities, the two platforms have some distinct aspects that will be the subject of examination in the following sections.

Let’s begin with the course creation features.

Course Creation & Engagement

The simplicity with which Teachmore and Thinkific have made it possible to develop an online course is one of the reasons for their success.

When it comes to how courses are delivered and how students are engaged, the two platforms are remarkably similar to one another.

Both platforms allow you to post an infinite number of videos, make quizzes, conveniently divide your content into lessons and modules, drip-feed your content, distribute certifications, monitor course and student progress, and more.

Having said that, they also vary considerably in terms of particular features for course creation, and we’ll talk about those in this chapter.

Content Uploading & Course Structuring

Thinkific Alternative: You may incorporate quizzes, music, video, PDF, text, and other multimedia content types into your courses using Teachmore and Thinkific.

Having said that, the Teachmore course builder is more adaptable and offers a wider range of content kinds.

To start, Teachmore offers Assignment lessons, which is fantastic for any form of assignment submission on the platform.

The fact that Teachmore offers a Live Lesson type is the key distinction between the two systems. You may plan a live class, and your students can simply take part in the same.

On the other hand, Thinkific lets you import Captivate and Storyline files onto the platform, unlike Teachmore. Even though most course designers won’t require Captivate/Storyline, it is still a useful tool.

Both systems let you rapidly build your course structure and add content to your lessons when it comes to the actual process of creating courses.

Your content may be bulk uploaded to the platform, where it can then be reorganized by dragging and dropping.

Additionally, both course builders provide a great deal of flexibility for incorporating several material formats into a single lesson. For instance, you might include several videos in a single lesson or combine videos with text and a PDF file.

Drip and Locking of Content

You may drip information on both platforms based on student registration or the start date of the course, and both systems handle dripping very similarly.

The sole dripping-related difference between the two systems is that Thinkific lacks the capacity to send automated emails to alert students to the availability of new content, whereas Teachmore enables you to send drip emails to your students automatically.

Content locking is yet another crucial element for course delivery (or course compliance). You may prevent your students from moving on until they finish the previous lesson or pass a graded quiz on Teachmore and Thinkific, respectively.

However, the course compliance elements of Teachmore are more adaptable. While compliance is always enforced at the lesson level with Thinkific, it is always enforced at the course and lesson level with Teachmore.

Analytics for reporting on courses

Teachmore includes robust course reporting features that help you monitor student completion rates, quiz results, and the effectiveness of your videos.

Under your course dashboard, there is a section specifically for reports that you may access by using the dropdown.

The Lecture Completion report, for instance, will display the average completion rates for various student groups if you wish to know the completion rates for your course.

The Leaderboards report allows you to view completion rates for specific students.

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing are key components of creating a profitable online course business. You may build your business with the help of some practical sales and marketing tools like Teachmore and Thinkific.

Both of them let you sell one-time or recurring products, make discounts, give upsells, sell course bundles, add an affiliate network, etc.

The main distinction between the two platforms is their checkout procedures, with Teachmore outperforming Thinkific in terms of the sales and marketing tools it provides within the platform.

Customer Service

For any successful business, customer support is the key. We can vouch for the customer support of Teachmore. You will find customer support 24/7.  In comparison to Thinkific’s email support on the lesser tiers, Teachmore’s assistance is a little friendlier and more responsive.

However, Thinkific solely provides email help, with no other real-time support methods available.

On the other side, Teachmore provides live chat help starting with the Free Plan and email assistance for all levels.

Nothing beats live chat help, and on higher levels, Teachmore’s customer service will be superior to Thinkific’s.

Thinkific Alternative: Both platforms feature a sizable knowledge base where you can discover articles with instructions on how to perform various tasks on the platforms.

Additionally, both of these platforms offer thriving user communities where you may interact with other users, ask questions, and receive guidance on all matters pertaining to the sale of online courses.

Pricing Plans

Users of Teachmore and Thinkific can choose from three different premium price tiers.

​In the image below, you can see the pricing plan of Thinkific.

thinkific plans

In the below image, you can see the pricing plans of Teachmore.

teachmore plans

For a free Trial, Teachmore offers all the premium features for 15 days. We offer the Business plan for 15 days to any creator who wants to explore the product. Post 15 days, creators will receive an email to upgrade to any plan which has more added benefits.

The most Popular plan of Teachmore i.e. Business Plan offers the following features:

  • 100% White Labeled Website
  • Android and iOS app
  • Unlimited Students, courses, storage, quizzes, landing and custom pages, bandwidth
  • Unlimited live classes with 3 teachers (live) and 500 students
  • 0% transaction fee
  • 20 admin users
  • Payment gateway integration
  • No Teachmore branding

Thinkific vs Teachmore – Final Verdict

Thinkific Alternative: After analyzing important aspects of online course creation, we feel that Teachmore provides unmatched services at unbeatable prices. Let’s focus on the best features of Teachmore, and we are sure you will be convinced that Teachmore is the best platform for selling online courses.

Course creation

  • 100% white labeled platform (custom design, theme, and domain name)
  • Multi-format content uploading
  • Homework/quizzes
  • 2 way live classes
  • Drip-content

Student Management:

  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Activity Tracking (for course completion)
  • Quiz reports
  • Communication

Marketing Engagement:

  • Engagement tools
  • Affiliates (for increased sign-ups)
  • Third-Party Integrations


  • Sales Reports
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Daily Reports

With the above features, we can surely conclude that Teachmore has every tool a course creator would need from creating a course to marketing a course. So, let’s start creating informational and interactive courses with the help of Teachmore.

Stay tuned with Teachmore for such informational blogs on Thinkific Alternative.

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