SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Your Online Course

Are you looking into how to brand your online course? Are you worried about how to rank your online course on top, maintaining all SEO basis? Are you looking for some simple SEO tricks for your online course?

As course creators, you always focus on what needs to be done but not on what doesn’t needs to be done. You might miss out on mistakes that would affect the ranking of your online course.

“If you are going to post content on your site anyway, you might as well take the time to make sure Google takes notice of your effort.” – The Content Factory

SEO or Search Engine Optimization in online courses is very important as it gives out a brand face. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the unpaid and organic traffic of a website by improving the visibility of the web pages or the website itself. To achieve the top ranking of your online course website, you will have to apply SEO to increase the ranking on the search results feed.

You, as an online course creator, need to make sure that you concentrate on SEO tactics for your traffic strategy so that all search engines like Google and Yahoo, and Bing put out your online course website on top when people search for it on the internet. You need to work on your online course website building so that these search engines bring thousands of visitors to your website daily. Here in this blog, we will look into some basic SEO tips and avoid common mistakes.

Let’s look into some of the common SEO mistakes –

1. Slow site speed

Slow site speed can lead to visitors clicking the back button and logging off your landing page. Slow speed on your online course website could lead visitors to deter when they are trying to access content on your page. You work hard on building organic traffic to your site, putting time and effort to drive traffic and engagement. Yet if the pages on your site take too long to load, visitors will leave the page. One best way to improve search engine ranking is with a high site speed.

One of the basic SEO tips is to look into the speed rate of loading the site. This is one of the simple SEO tricks that can help increase your domain rating. Therefore you should also be sure that you work on the page load time of your online course website. Page load time refers to the time that passes between when the browser sends the request to the servers and when any page of your online course website fully loads and renders. Slow speed on your online course website is going to cost you hard-earned SEO traffic.

2. Bad reviews on the internet

You should always keep an eye on the reviews that people put about your website on the internet. You need to make sure that you filter them on a time-to-time basis. When it comes to any product or service on the internet, one can expect both kinds of reviews, positive and negative. You always need to be very attentive to reviews on the internet as it is one of the simple SEO tricks to improve. However, you should also keep in mind that the total number of reviews increases the social visibility of your online course website and contributes to localized search ranking factors.

While positive reviews improve the credibility of your online course, only positive reviews might make it look suspicious to a few. Therefore you can also use the negative reviews as a way to build relationships with your customers and learners and improve on the same – this can be considered one of the basic SEO tips.

3. Outdated content

You have to make sure that all content on your website is updated on a timely basis. For example, when a visitor visits your sites and sees some information that is dated from years back, they get disinterested and doubt the other content too. Old or outdated content drags the website’s credibility level. You need to make sure that the content you post has high-quality and relevant information to the topic. Revamping your content from time to time is one of the basic SEO tips. It is recommended as some simple SEO tricks to keep revamping your content on site. Another best way to improve search engine ranking is with reworking the content timely so that it doesn’t get outdated.

4. Not optimizing your website for mobile

You need to make sure that you also build a mobile version of the website while creating the online course. There are many users around the world who always prefer mobile over a computer because of its feasibility. Therefore, such users tend to search and check websites on mobile. You need to make our website mobile-friendly. As the course creator who designed the course initially, you need to make sure that you design it for an app for mobile devices too. Optimizing your website both for web and mobile is essential in the simple SEO tricks.

5. Not optimizing for the right keywords

When you are not optimizing for the right set of keywords, the traffic won’t build up. You will have to make sure you select keywords with high volume for the content on your online course website. You need to choose the ideal set of keywords that suit the theme of your online course website and also drive organic traffic to the site. Using keywords with high difficulty and low volume also adds to another backdrop for your online course website. Adding to these another best way to improve search engine ranking is with adding meta assets like meta titles and descriptions that would help your site rank on top. Remember to include the targeted keywords in the meta assets too. 

6. Not following a proper URL structure 

It is one of the basic SEO tips to follow a correct structure. Set your URL in a hierarchical way before you start building your online course website. Remember to use HTTPS protocol. HTTPS makes your website more credible as it instills a sense of trust for your users. It is one of the simple SEO tricks to hide the www prefix to make your domain look cleaner. Adding to these, keep it short and simple, use relevant keywords, separate words with hyphens, etc. Furthermore, another best way to improve search engine ranking is with structuring the website content with proper H1 and H2 fonts. You need to make your content look presentable too. 



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Hope reading this blog helps you to avoid SEO mistakes and build traffic for your site. Stay tuned to read more such blogs on Teachmore. 

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