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Role of Keywords in Creating a Successful Online Course

As an online course creator, you must have visited a multitude of research pages, watched a thousand videos, visited the websites of other course creators, and whatnot. While reading the best tips to create a successful online course, you must have come across the terms like ‘Keywords’, ‘Keyword Research’, and  ‘SEO’. If you are someone who is unaware of what these term stands for, worry not, we have got you covered. By the end of this article, you will have a clear and deep understanding of what terms like SEO or Keywords are and how are they super important to make your online course successful. The article will also answer your questions like how to use keywords and what is the use of keywords. Let’s get started. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The course creators try to boost the quality and quantity of online traffic to their websites with the use of keywords. In other words, they are popularising their online course organically just by knowing how to use keywords. 

Let’s dive in and try to understand the concept of keywords and search engine optimization in detail.

 Let us take an example: If you are planning to buy a car, you will want to do good market research about cars. This might have multiple reasons-

  • Investing money
  • Investing time
  • Investing efforts

During the market research, you will be searching by typing words like-
Best cars in India
Best cars
Top car brands

During your search around course selling, you will come across various websites. However, you will click on the first website first and maybe then move to the other websites. And by chance, if you like the cars that the first website had, you might not even go to the other websites.


Now imagine the number of conversions or customers the first website brand might be getting just by appearing first on the website. Do you want to know the secret behind this? It’s simple- 

  • They had a sound keyword research
  • They did SEO in the right way

The right keywords and SEO are the bridge that links you to your target audience’s search activity. Like what they look for on the internet, what words they use in their searches, and so on. This allows you to provide them with exactly what they require.

In the above example, the keyword that helped the website rank was ‘best car’. More the twenty-two thousand people have been searching for the best cars by using ‘best cars’ as the keyword. 

After reading this, I am sure that your next question is that how can you do the right keyword research to make your online course successful. Here is a step by step guide to help you understand the whole process. 

How to do Keyword Research for your Online Course? 

Step 1- Understand the seed keyword- Doing keyword research is not a heavy mountain to move. All you need to do is to list down the ‘seed keywords’. Seed keywords are the words that represents the expectations of your target audience. You can find these keywords yourself on the basis of the knowledge you have, or the ideas from your peers. Understand it this way, what would a search for if they are looking for a mobile phone. They search for ‘best phones’, ‘best mobile phones’, ‘mobile phones in India’, ‘mobiles under 10,000’, etc. Similarly, you have to come up with the seed keywords or words in simple terms to find the right focus or target keyword for your online course.
Step 2- Choose the right keyword research tool- The next step is to choose the right keyword research tool that will help you in doing your research successfully. There are various tools available out there, make sure that you choose the right one. The qualities of a good tool are that they provide you additional information along with the basic keyword report. Here are few data points that a good keyword research tool shall provide you-

1- Keyword Density
2- Keyword volume(country specific, for istance India, UK, etc.)
3- Global keyword volume
4- Traffic potential
5- Related/Matching keywords
Some of the good tools are – Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Semrush, etc.

This is how a keyword explorer looks like.

Step 3- Analyze the keyword difficulty & search volume- While choosing the right keywords for your online course make sure to check the keyword difficulty and the volume of the keyword. 

Keyword Difficulty- The density of a keyword helps you understand that how difficult it is t rank for that particular keyword. Make sure to choose the keywords that have a low keyword density or deifficulty. Ensuring this would increase your chances to rank for that particular keyword. 

Keyword Volume- Another factor is the keyword volume, this helps you understand the search volume of that keyword. In simple words, it indicates the number of people who are actually searching for that keyword. 

Having a clear understanding of the keywords difficulty & volume will help you shortlist the relevant keywords. 

Benefits of Using Keywords in your Online Course

  • Generate Quality Leads

    Generating quality leads is the most important objective for any course creator. And the presence of the right keywords on your website is one great way of generating quality leads. In short, the right keywords will surely help you in generating quality leads 

  • Higher Conversion Rates

    Higher ranking keywords will generate higher quality leads for your website. As a good online course creator you can ensure that the maximum number of leads get converted. Before understanding when to start enrollment, make sure that website is ready to provide quality content. However, to generate revenue through these leads you need to make sure that your website has the right keywords that targets the right audience. 

  • Higher Ranking on Search Engines

    Ranking on the on the search engines like google, etc. is the goal for most of the content creators. It is crucial that they understand that ranking on the top is not rocket science. It is just the right combination of the SEO practices, and the right keyword research is one of them. 

  • Results for Efforts

    Using the right keywords one of the best ways to get results for the efforts that you are putting in. Make sure that you the right keywords to generate the maximum results in order to make your online course successful.

These were a few tips that are sure to help you in choosing the right keywords for your online course. We hope that you find this article helpful. Stay connected to this space to read more such blogs.

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