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Reasons to Create a Financial Planning Course

Do you want to put your knowledge to use? Have you ever tried creating an online course? Nowadays, it is no surprise that creating a course online is straightforward and interesting. There are many online course-creating platforms like Teachmore, and more to help you out.
If your personal financial planning is above par, you can also convert your knowledge into an online course. Here are some reasons to create a personal financial planning course.
Why should you create a financial planning course?
Many people don’t know the basics of financial planning.

Many adults lack a basic understanding of financial planning terminology. Words like TDS, tax planning, gratuity, financial statement, and so forth are foreign to many people. As a result, people have no idea how much they should save and how much to invest.
Many people find jobs and start to earn money. However, they never think about investing their hard-earned money. In such a scenario, a financial planning course can help. Create online courses like financial planning course with simple explanations is a need of the hour.
More people want to learn personal financial planning.

Another reason why you should create a personal financial planning course is the willingness of people from all spheres of life to learn about it.
According to a recent survey by Scripbox (an online investment platform), 76% of the people agreed they need more platforms where they can learn about financial planning. The respondents were all aged between 26 to 45 years of age.
The survey further concluded that 56% of the people lacked financial planning knowledge. If you are a CA or know how to save, invest and grow money in any way, this could be your opportunity to create an online course on financial planning and educate people.
Not everyone has a commerce background.

It can be assumed that commerce students have better financial knowledge than in other fields. However, if a person has a job and is earning money, they may want to educate themselves on personal finances and learn how to invest their money.
Financial planning courses will allow people to learn various terminology and invest their money in the right place. Financial education allows people to be independent enough to understand different financial planning options and take appropriate decisions.Creating a personal financial planning online course would prevent people from getting conned by illegitimate financial services that prey on uninformed individuals.
You can help people reduce their taxable amount.

If you file your ITR every year and don’t hire CAs, you can create a personal financial planning course to teach people how to file their ITR and reduce their taxable income.
A personal financial planning course can be a saviour for many people who want to reduce their taxable income. You can help many people plan their finances and reduce their taxable income by providing the right guidance. You can be the answer to their troubles through your thought-provoking online video courses.
Creating online courses is now easy.
While creating a personal financial planning course will no doubt educate people, how do you create a course? Creating online courses is easy as A-B-C if you use the right online course creation platforms.
You can put the resources to use, create a proper schedule, manage your time and create a worthy online course in a day or two. You should develop an outline for the course, and start recording videos, and do not forget to add worksheets or quizzes at the end to improve engagement.
It is a convenient way for everyone to learn.
Another reason to create a personal financial planning course is its scope. Such a course will benefit everyone including students, millennials, and adults. Students looking to pursue their careers in finance can clear their concepts through this course. Furthermore, adults who are already working can improve their financial planning skills.
There are many adults and even people aged above 45 who are always seeking to refine their skills. Such a course will help these adults to learn something new without attending in-person classes.
Moreover, personal financial planning is a wide concept, and an online course is one of the most convenient methods for the same. As an online course creator, you would know the right and important topics to cover within a short time, making it less time-consuming and more understandable.
You can monetize your course.
Last, but not least, you can also benefit financially from creating a personal financial planning course.
Once to know you have created an online course, you can start marketing it. The more people come across your course (i.e., generate leads), the more people will act on it. As a result, by monetizing the course, you will generate an additional income source.
You can take help from multi-vendor platforms that help you sell your course on your behalf, so you do not have to do the marketing. Setting subscription plans and payment-in-instalment plans for your online course helps generate income.

Do you need more concrete inspiration to create an online course? Know that e-learning (learning through online courses) is now a preferred way of education adopted by both companies and educational institutions. 80% of the companies and 50% of the educational institutions use e-learning rather than traditional learning. As per Coursera, in 2020, the enrolment in online courses more than doubled, while in the following year, it showed a rise of 37%.
Why not take advantage of this growing market by sharing your expertise? If you think your online course can make a difference, start creating a personal financial planning online course today!


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