Quora for Marketing & Selling Online Courses

Once you have created your online course successfully, marketing the course using the platforms is a crucial step. There are various platforms on which you can promote or market your online course. However, you should always choose the platform on the basis of its active users. One such excellent platform is Quora.  

Did you know? 

Quora attracts approximately 300 million unique visitors every month.

What is Quora?

Quora is one of the most popular social networking platforms that allow users to ask or put up their questions, receive answers, and engage with other users. The platform has existed since 2009 and its popularity has been growing ever since. The platform has more than millions of users who use the platform for different purposes. Some people use it to gain or share knowledge. And most people use it to promote or market their products or services. Over the past few years, Quora marketing has emerged as a promising marketing strategy.  Quora in short is an excellent platform for the online course creators to market & sell their online courses. 

Why should Online Course Creators use Quora to promote their Online Course?

The platform’s popularity is quite visible, from questions like ‘which career should I choose after 12th’ to questions like ‘how to choose the niche for my first online course’ Quora has an answer for almost every question. Moreover, Quora as a platform has succeeded in gaining the trust of users in the past few years. The best part is that Quora is not just limited to questions and answers. People can also use it to promote and market their products or services. The platform has a great potential to market an online course and make it successful.

Here are the top 4 benefits of Quora marketing-  

Brand Visibility- Using Quora for marketing is sure to enhance your brand visibility. It will help you in building credibility and gaining the trust of potential customers. For instance, if the users put out a question related to your field, and you end up giving them the right answer every time they post a question, those users will start trusting you. In addition, they will also tell their friends or peers about your brand. In short, using quora marketing strategies help the online course creators in demonstrating their expertise, gaining their trust, and maintaining brand visibility.  

Know the Target Audience Better- One of the reasons why quora marketing is suggested to the online course creators is because it helps them in understanding their target audience better. The questions that people post speak a lot about their interests and aspirations. Analyzing the same, the online course creators can understand the learning requirements of their potential customers. 

Generate Quality Leads- Quality leads are one of the biggest factors that make an online course successful as it directly impacts the profitability of the course.  If implemented accurately, the online course creators can generate quality leads using the quora marketing strategies. In addition to the direct answers, you should also post engaging surveys or posts that will help you in generating leads.  As an online course creator, one of the best quora marketing strategies could be to post the links to your website or app in order to generate leads. 

Better User Engagement- If user retention and user engagement are a prime focus of the online course creators, then nobody can stop their course from being successful. Using quora marketing strategy, the online course creators can ensure higher user engagement. For instance, they can share important facts that their customers would like to read. They can also share relevant images and videos on their feed to increase the user engagement. 

How to Begin with Quora Marketing?

The first step of quora marketing is to set up an account and quora and choose the relevant areas you would like to answer for. You will need to add your description(a few lines to explain your experience, background, and role). In addition, you can also add the link to your course website or app. Using quora marketing, you can get multiple benefits, so make sure that your account speaks for you. 

How should your Answers look on Quora?

The users trust Quora and in order to gain credibility, it is crucial that the online course creators put out good answers on quora in order to satisfy their customers. Here are a few tips on how they can write good answers for quora marketing- 

Keep them short & crisp- Keeping the answers short, crisp, and informative is an important quora marketing strategy that the course creators must definitely use. Readers do not like to read long paragraphs and repetitive sentences. In addition, keep the tone of your answers conversational. 

Add facts and statistics- Facts and statistics add more credibility and trustworthiness to the answers. For using quora marketing strategy, it is important to use it in the right way. Therefore, make sure that you add relevant facts & statistics that support your answer. 

Use infographics- Adding infographics to your answers makes them more engaging and interesting. It is crucial that you add relevant infographics that make your answers more readable. In order to make your quora marketing work the best, make sure to follow this step. 

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