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Hello readers, hope you are doing well. We are here with another creator story. Today we meet and learn from the journey of Piyush Patel, founder of Profit from It, a stock market training institute ranked among the top 10 financial training institutes by Silicon Valley Magazine. Let us get started with knowing Mr. Piyush and Profit from It. 

Profit From It is a financial training institute or a stock market training institute. It is a very small team from Vadodara. Here we have charted their success story and how it all started. 

Starting with the back story about him – He never had a background in the stock market, he was initially working for a chemical company in Vadodara. He was always interested in reading books, whenever he read anything on financial topics, although he couldn’t understand, he was always intrigued by it, and he wanted to know more about it. 

He added, “It wasn’t connected at all, I had a background in the chemical field but I was building a business in the financial industry.”

“You don’t have to become what you always learn to be.”

He added “ I started reading and doing the study by myself, read books and attended training, investor meets in the initial days. For the last 14-15 years, our team has been doing these seminars in around 43 cities in India.”
He also added that it was like he was a student first and became the teacher who taught people about it. He was a slow learner at first as he was completely new to the field. He added he practiced a lot to become what he is today. 

“When we started seminars in 2006, we didn’t put them on YouTube. We started very late with our journey with YouTube. For the first time, we had uploaded a video on stock, we didn’t expect a high rate of engagement but later there were many people who subscribed to our channel and did put out their doubts in comments. There are many students who have reached out to us through YouTube. YouTube has helped us in getting an audience we never thought we would.”

When we put knowledge out to media on a daily basis, our viewers are intrigued by it. They get more interested and ask for doubts.  He also added, “We started training people from the grass-root level, at our office or city. From the amount that we collected, we used it for marketing in other cities.

Let us know more about him and “Profit From It” in a Q and A format –

  1. When did the switch go from offline to online? 

Ans. When it was offline, they had to travel to different countries, and stay there for days. It affected their personal lives too. Therefore they were looking for other ways when Teachmore came into the picture. He added “ Teachmore provided everything in a very organized way. People could watch a video and finish it later according to their convenience.” “We had started it around June 2020.” 

He also added “In the online mode, they could watch and learn anytime they wanted. They could completely rewind and learn everything whenever they wanted.”

Teaching online with Teachmore has helped us increase revenue. This was highly successful. 

“We do both recording and live sessions. We say Teachmore has a very engaging format that has been developed”


      2. How did you keep your students engaged?

Ans. “Our team always did regular follow-ups, through SMS, Whatsapp, and emails. All these elements helped us involve our students from time to time. Furthermore, adding to these were assignments. We push on our students to do assignments. At times, there are even doctors and engineers who take our classes. They mostly do not have the bandwidth to do assignments yet we keep a check on them if they are able to cope with what they are learning from us.”

“We took a weekly live session where we talk about the challenges they face while doing their assignments. When the students used to put out their thoughts in a negative way, we used to help them out. This is how we interacted with them weekly. And the recording live session gave full satisfaction to our students.”

“Teachmore’s notification feature is the best.” With this feature, we were able to notify our students from time to time.”

  3. What were your pricing strategies? 

Ans. “Our whole team initially aimed that we are not going to deliver less, but rather deliver them fully, the price could be higher, and we might not even want many registrations but we would focus on delivering our content to each and every person. We wanted to know every single student and teach them in depth. We teach them, give them time to digest, and upgrade them later. We are supportive of our students and aim to deliver them our service till the end. We charge high due to this continuous support from the initial stages to even further help if they aim to build careers in the field.”

     4. How was the growth and what were the promoting strategies? 

Ans. “We started with 4 – 5 cities, our budget was based on those numbers. As we started growing, we used to increase one by one city. Initially, we made a list of all the cities that have a population of more than 25 lakh and that is how we grew to have the list of cities having more than 10 lakh population. At present, there are 43 cities where we visit for our sessions.”
Furthermore, he added “Coming to our promotional techniques, initially, we started with print media. Around 2016, we moved onto the digital media field. We started using Facebook and Google Ads more effectively for promoting our courses.”

This is how the app looks on Google Play Store.

Here is the video –

BEMORE#1 It began with me becoming a driver first to build a thriving online academy! 

Hope reading this blog motivates you as an online course creator in creating online courses. Stay tuned and launch course with Teachmore.

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