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Popular courses to launch this International Youth Day

International youth day is an initiative taken by the United Nations to encourage young people with creative and innovative minds. This day is a great opportunity for course creators to encourage their learners to acquire new skills. In this blog, we will talk about popular courses that course creators can launch which are in huge demand. Let’s get started.

What is International Youth Day?

On August 12, International Youth Day, attention is drawn to the challenges that certain young people are facing throughout the world. Childhood poverty is still a major issue worldwide, and between the ages of six and thirteen, 50% of children lack the most basic reading and numeracy abilities. The United Nations established International Youth Day to raise awareness regarding these problems and aid in the search for solutions.

international youth day

International Youth Day: A Brief History

The United Nations General Assembly started making a concentrated attempt to influence young people in 1965. They supported the Declaration on Promoting the Ideals of Peace, Mutual Respect, and Inter-Peace among Youth. By identifying emerging leaders and providing them with resources to address global concerns, they started dedicating time and resources to empowering the youth.

International Youth Day came into existence when the conference of ministers around the world responsible for Youth, recommended it to the United Nations General Assembly on December 17, 1999. It was August 12, 2000, when the first International Youth Day was observed. This day is a platform where every youth is being given social education and embark on a developmental journey by young leaders. To this day, engaging young people in politics and dealing with world issues has become easier for young minds.

international youth day

Top 10 skills to teach this International Youth Day

On the occasion of International Youth Day, it is crucial to support the UN’s initiatives to motivate young professionals and students. With this, they can develop the digital skills and leadership traits that will enable them to succeed in the rapidly changing workplace ecosystem. Young people make up 25% of the world’s population of working age, however, it is distressing to see that 40% of them are still unemployed. It’s noteworthy that a significant portion of this unemployment is caused by a lack of both jobs and the necessary skills to obtain them.

Let us understand what are the popular skills that course creators can launch and help youth in shaping a better future.

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Digital Literacy

Today’s technologically evolved world means that almost every profession requires using technology in some kind. An employer will find that a candidate is more enticing if they are technology-savvy. Developing young people’s digital literacy entails introducing them to a range of technologies, so they can quickly learn how to use any app or gadget. Young people should continually broaden their understanding of cutting-edge technology as they become ready for the job market. Course creators can launch a course where they provide a deeper understanding of technology and what are the essential skills needed by the learners to be more tech-savvy.

Financial Literacy

A crucial life skill for engaging in contemporary society is financial literacy. Children are growing up in a more sophisticated environment where they will eventually have to manage their own finances.

According to national surveys, youths have the lowest levels of financial literacy when compared to others. Their general inability to select the appropriate financial products and frequent lack of enthusiasm in carrying out smart financial planning are indicators of a lack of financial literacy. Youth need to learn how to handle their money from an early age, whether it comes from allowances or part-time work, and to help them pick between various career and educational alternatives.

This is where course creators can teach their students how to manage their finances this International Youth Day. This particular course is the need of the hour for our youth.

Youth Entrepreneurship

All young people need a spirit of entrepreneurship to prosper in today’s workforce, even though not all will start their own businesses. This implies that young people must be inspired to work hard. Employers need employees with a forward-thinking mentality who can start their own initiatives and ideas.

Course creators are also entrepreneurs. They can help youth in teaching entrepreneurship and its principles through online courses. This would help and encourage young people to bring positive change.

international youth day

Communication Skills

When it comes to skills required for jobs in the future, communication skills are second in importance after problem-solving abilities.

No matter how admirable a person’s goals or ideas are, if they cannot successfully communicate, any other ability would not matter very much. Young people need to be proficient communicators, both orally and in writing. Speaking and writing abilities are frequently mentioned by businesses as the top qualities they seek in the new workforce.

Communication skills play a huge part in everyone’s life. Course creators can take up this as a challenge and create an online course on improving communication skills. This will be a life-changer for learners who are willing to learn and improve their communication skills.

Cognitive Flexibility

The ability to adapt and cognitive flexibility are two crucial traits for future employment.

Since the contemporary workforce is continually evolving, no one can predict with surety how certain sectors will appear in the years to come. Young people must have the capacity to quickly adjust to changes if they are to succeed. Numerous businesses frequently alter the way they conduct business, therefore they want employees that can adapt and change with the times.

Course creators can create an online course on this underrated yet vital skill. This International Day, with Teachmore, they can focus on the importance of cognitive flexibility and adaptability and how they can develop these skills through hard work.

Emotional Intelligence

Young employees need to have self-knowledge as well as emotional intelligence, so they can understand others and develop empathy. They will be able to connect with their coworkers, seniors, and everyone in their organization. Any industry can benefit from developing strong connections. In order to advance the business and collaborate successfully with others, employers seek new hires who can create these ties.

Creators can club similar skills and launch a holistic online course based on vital life skills needed in an organization.

international youth day

Analytical Thinking

The growing use of technology has given young people access to a plethora of knowledge. Today, what a person can learn is more important than what they already know. Young people, therefore, do not necessarily need to be well-versed in all subjects, but they do require the ability to acquire whatever information they may require in order to solve an issue.

The ability to evaluate and analyze information is just as important for young people as knowing how to acquire it. They must be able to evaluate the data to ascertain its true significance and potential applications.

A variety of analytical tools like programming languages, Power BI, and MS Excel can be taught by course creators through online courses. Creators can use Teachmore and develop quality content through this platform and reach a broad audience.

How to create courses with Teachmore?

Teachmore is probably the best platform for online course creation. Teachmore provides all the necessary tools and features needed to create an informational and detailed course. A few of the tools and features offered by Teachmore are mentioned below:

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These are just a few features of Teachmore out of many others. With Teachmore, course creators can develop the above-mentioned courses and help learners all over the globe upskill themselves. These important and popular skills are in huge demand and can make a huge difference to someone’s job portfolio. This International Youth Day, let’s help the youth across the world, so they can make the world a better place to learn and work.

Start your online course creation journey with Teachmore, the best platform to sell online courses. Stay tuned with Teachmore for more informational blogs.

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