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Online Google Forms as a Tool for Course Creators

Have you ever used Google Forms for your online courses? Do you know how to use Online Google Forms advanced settings? In order to grasp Google Forms, one needs to have a working knowledge of them. This tool has a lot of uses for online course creation. Let’s get started!

Each Google form offers a number of settings that greatly increase the functionality of Google Forms. This blog post will cover six Google form options that elevate your course creation journey. Let’s examine and comprehend each setting for a Google form.

6 Underrated Online Google Forms Settings

Before going forward with Google Form settings, we need to understand what is Google Form and how can course creators utilize it.

What is a Google form Setting?

Online Google Forms is a free tool. You can make polls, tests, and many other things. It is a part of the Google web applications. It includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides. It is a flexible tool with a wide range of uses.

To create a Google Form, though, you’ll need a Google account. However, you may change the settings.

Need to make sure that everyone submits one entry

Email addresses are not collected by Google Forms. It is helpful because users can respond to the questionnaire. A Google account is not required for users to fill out your form. The drawback is that you cannot verify who submitted which replies. In the settings’ General tab, you may stop this from happening. Make sure you check the one response limit.


Users should be aware that their Google accounts are signed. It is, therefore, more suited for internal use. Do you want to know which email address corresponds to particular form submission? Afterward, be sure to get email addresses.

Transform an Online Google Form into a Quiz

Google Form may be converted into a multiple-choice exam. You can be permitted to grade quizzes and exams. Navigate to the Quizzes section of your form’s settings. Questions with multiple choices can be scored instantly. Indicate the right response. Additionally, Google Forms will handle the grading for you. With this solution, Google Forms becomes a tool that can be customized. So if you’ve been considering alternative tools, be sure to give it a try. Learn how to create a quiz for students.

Store Google forms answers in Google sheets

Google Forms maintains the responses to questions. All answers, however, can be sent to a Google Sheet. Visit the Responses section right away. In that manner, a Google spreadsheet will get all of your replies. You may use it to create Google Docs templates and other things.

Use a template from Google Forms

It’s simple to create a template from scratch. However, Google provides ready-made templates for a variety of very clear usage situations. This collection is available on Google Forms. Connect to the Template gallery after that. You can also create templates that can be used by your entire organization if you use Google Workspace. There is no need to start from scratch if you are able to create several forms that are comparable.

Utilize Online Google forms’ form parts and rationale

The next step is to build Google Forms logic and form sections. Simply click the Add section button on the question to add a section to the form. Additionally, you can send responses to certain parts. It could make it possible for users to skip entire sections of the form. Click the three dots in the bottom right corner of a multiple-choice question to begin.

There are 11 types of fields in Google Form. They are mentioned below:

  • Short Answer
  • Paragraph
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Checkboxes
  • Drop-down
  • Linear Scale
  • Many Choice Grids
  • Date
  • Time
  • Image
  • Video

4 Advanced Google Form Tricks

If you do not use Online Google Forms, then these 4 tricks might change your mind.

Add Google forms to several pages

To tidy up your form and give responders the impression that it is simple, you can try adding sections, or you may add several pages.

Embed your form in an iFrame

If you want to finish a contact form for your website using Google Forms. Use an iFrame to embed the form. However, doing so is simple.

Make an auto-grading test

An auto-grading quiz in Google Forms settings provides a simple approach to testing for teachers. A little time is also saved. To configure this, make this a quiz by going to the Settings tab.

People find Google Forms to be the ideal solution. It aids those who must work quickly while creating forms or online tests. On the other hand, it is easy to use and adaptable. It provides add-ons for a better experience as well as templates to save you time. We sincerely hope that this tutorial will help you better grasp forms and their features.

We hope that this article will help you in understanding online Google Forms and google form creation steps.

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