Myths about Selling Course Online

Being an entrepreneur or course creator, you might go through many cons before you actually start your own business for your online course. To build a successful online course it will definitely take a lot of hard work and perseverance to ace in the field. Creating and selling courses online is no exception for hard work. Many online course creators create online courses as a full-time business and others build it as their part-time as they are not very confident to commit to it full time and risk their income options.
Over the years, the industry has completely and gradually changed from offline learning to an online medium of teaching and learning. Along with the pros of creating and selling online courses, there come cons. And similar to the cons are some myths about selling online courses.
Let us take a quick look at it –

1. Online courses do not sell well

It is a myth that states that online courses do not sell well enough unlike traditional courses. This is stated in relevance to the fact that online courses need people to be technologically equipped and have technological advancement in their environment. Yet there are still remote villages with no internet connection. To counter this myth about selling online courses, the point is that all cities and states around the world are developing every single minute and people are to access high-speed internet and are being equipped with computer literacy. As the world is moving towards the future, people are also changing everything to the online world. Online courses and online learning is more feasible than offline or traditional learning. For example, instead of printing pages and sharing notes, teachers can now share access to online courses where documents are shared online and available for the duration of the online course.‍

2. Only subject matter experts can launch online courses

Most people who are subject matter experts believe that only they can create and sell online courses. This is another myth about selling online courses. You do not need to possess expert domain knowledge to sell courses online. The online course industry has been in existence for the reason to democratize learning and make it available to all those who wish to learn specific courses online. You do not need to have expertise in the domain you are creating and selling online courses. To create an online course you will need some kind of in-depth knowledge and experience in the field so that your learners know that they are learning something that is certified and from where they will learn the skills they were looking for. Once you start your online course and get feedback from your learners you can improve on your lesson plans accordingly.

3. You need a big launch for your online course

Big launches are not a requirement for building and selling online courses. A well planned strategic launch could do the job of popularising your online course. Creating automated sales and using marketing techniques can help you get new customers or audiences on a consistent basis. Most online courses gain the traction required by time, with authentic strategies. Work on your content, as more and more students learn from you that they value, and they always refer to the course in their peer circle so that others also benefit from your course. You could use the best marketing techniques for your launch, pre-launch and post-launch phase and it would bring the best customers who are actually meant for your course. Marketing techniques like email marketing and social media strategies can be used.‍

4. You need to build several courses

While creating multiple courses in a domain is a good idea simply because there is more to offer and more to sell for you as a course creator. But for the beginning it is not required that you sell more courses, rather you create and focus on selling one particular course online which is of great value and content. Rather you can focus one building one good online course where you could get a large number of audience who are genuinely interested in learning about what you are educating. And once your online course is successful, you could create more courses depending upon the resources and knowledge about that domain. Once you’ve created your first online course, shift your focus to getting as many students as possible for that course before you move onto the next one.

5. You need a large audience 

This is another myth for online courses that prevail amongst the domain. The size of your audience of learners is important but it is not as important as you might think. Building an audience for your online course is about your ability to reach out to more people. When you do a great class and your present audience gets to learn the skills they were looking for, they will definitely spread it out about your course and that is how your audience is going to get added every other time. Remember to build a great email marketing strategy that attracts a large audience to your course. A small audience of learners that knows, likes your course, and trusts your abilities and expertise is far more valuable than an audience who just join your course for just the sake of joining.

Hope these points make you understand that there is nothing that could stop you from creating and selling your course online if you have the caliber and the right strategies in mind.‍

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