Managing App Links Shared with Users- A Guide

Android app links

Android app links allow you to take users to a specific screen from within your app! So your users simply need to click the link, and are taken directly to the content they want to see! No boring in-betweens.

Let’s say a user who has the app installed on their phone gets the link in some other app like WhatsApp. If they click on the link for a course, instead of opening the link in the browser, it will open the course show screen on the academy’s app.


App Share

The share option is available on 3 screens.

Course show screen:

Collection show screen:

Clicking on the share button will allow you to share the message via Android’s Share Dialog.

Currently, the share message for the home screen can be customized by changing the App Share Text from the Settings -> General screen on Teachmore Dashboard.

Once you have customized the text, scroll down and click ‘Update’

Ready to go! Now your users will see the custom message when they click on any of the links.

SMS With Academy Link Text

You can send any of your users a link to your academy through SMS

First, open up the Users list

Visit a user’s profile to send them the SMS with Academy link

You can include any link in the SMS

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