Manage Roles and Permissions with Teachmore

You can access Roles & Permissions under Settings → Advanced → Roles and Permissions on your Teachmore dashboard

Here you will see two default roles, Collaborator and Super admin.

Please note: For default roles, details or permissions cannot be edited

Creating a new role

Click the New role button on this screen to create a new role

Write a name and description for the role

Once the role is created, click the Grant permissions button to manage permission for this role

Tick the permissions you would like to assign to this particular role and update. Anyone who is assigned this role would have the selected permissions

Now you will see this new role under roles

To assign the role to someone go to Users → a user’s profile → Settings

Click Manage roles

Now select the desired role. The user would be granted permissions granted under that role. For example, here the user would be allowed to do everything that is allowed in the role of website manager

Now the admin with restricted access will see the following message for all actions whose access they don’t have

You can manage roles or revoke admin access from the user’s profile anytime

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