Successful Online Course Creators

Lessons from Successful Online Course Creators

The demand for online courses has seen quite an increase in the last few years. Many teachers and experts are creating courses and helping students worldwide. However, we all know that some courses sell more than others. Here in this blog, we have got you a few lessons from successful online course creators that might benefit you.

Let’s get started with these lessons from successful online course creators and understand what should you do differently to sell more courses.

Tips from successful online course creators

Resit, Master of Project Academy

Don’t create an online course just for the purpose of being sold. Create those courses for which you have passion and what you love to do. If you talk about something you enjoy, you’ll make a lot of money.

David Perálvarez, Club SiliCODE Valley

Instead of always thinking about how you will market your course, focus on how you will design a great course that will actually transform the lives of your students. With this attitude, your course will definitely sell and generate income. Good ratings result from excellent content, and better reviews increase revenue.

Dakota Wixom, QuantCourse – Successful Online Course Creators

Stop giving reasons why you are unqualified to teach; instead, establish a timetable and stick to it. Avoid becoming sidetracked by the need to make everything flawless. It won’t ever be ideal. Be professional, but avoid being sidetracked by the pursuit of perfection. What you don’t start, you can’t fix. Launch it, learn from it, make adjustments, and repeat.

Sarah, User Research Mastery

Create content that is exclusive to your academy and isn’t available anywhere else for the same cost or quality. With this strategy, anyone will get sales if you combine the two. This was best for User Research Mastery.

Julie Cabezas, Social Brand School

One of the successful online course creators, Julie Cabezas says – Plan an Instagram launch for a quick and successful debut. We turned a $2k advertising investment into $60k in revenue for our courses. The best option is to use micro-influencers!

Eric Goldman, Profit Leader Academy

We all have a hidden passion. Perhaps no one on this (or any) planet) knows more about Star Trek than you do. Maybe you know what each car’s respective advantages and disadvantages are. Perhaps you have all of your grandmother’s recipes for the particular delicacies your family enjoys. You imagine that you are the only one who is concerned with these issues. It’s not you. Use your hidden passion as the subject for an online course, and learners will show interest, mostly because people are moved by passion.

Sarah Crosley, The Creative Boss

Test if you have any market for your course first. If you don’t have a strong list of people willing to purchase it, don’t waste time producing a course. Start off small with blog entries and gradually enhance your content as traffic grows. When your audience begins requesting it, launch your course.

Susie Parker, Family Success Academy

One of the successful online course creators, Suzie Parker says –  Do not wait for the right time to come, decide on a time and start pre-selling (better yet, create your webinar date to launch your yet-to-be-created course). Knowing that you must complete the task will make nothing ignite a fire more quickly.

Daniel Milner, Make TV Easy

When a course first begins, it does not sell easily. You will never launch if you strive to make your course flawless before you start. It’s fine, to begin with, a draft of your course that you later update based on student feedback.

Jen Kamel, VBACfacts Academy

Selling something that others genuinely need is the most important thing one can learn. Then have a basic understanding of marketing to sell it. Choose a course creation platform that has all the tools you need in one place.

Scot Smith, Automated Inbound

Create a calendar and road map for the real deliverables that will help you get the results you need to complete your goal. Many entrepreneurs spend three years “creating” a course, but never ever mention it to a single customer!

Vikram Anand, Get Ahead Fast™

One of the successful online course creators, Vikram Anand says – Success in business is not based on your email list size or your area of passion. If people aren’t willing to pay for it, your passions are worthless and a vast unresponsive list is a significant cost center.

Find a deep want or need that is unfulfilled and needs to be addressed. Then, make THAT your area of passion by addressing it in your course. If you can accomplish that, even a tiny list may be highly profitable and responsive, and your academy will flourish.

Regina Anaejionu, Business School for Humans

It all comes down to writing a thorough, effective plan. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to choose which portions of your course to market or include in your blog or podcast, as well as how to create a sales page that emphasizes the information you’ll share with others.

Kerstin, Fluent Language School

Make the issue you are thinking of right now five times smaller. The biggest error is assuming you need to finish everything in one go.

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