Lesson Plan Templates for Your Online Course

Definition of a lesson plan can be regarded as a document prepared by instructors or educators that can outline the objectives for the lesson or module, along with all activities, tasks, resources, course material, assignments, and the timeline for every chapter and section of that particular module. 

For course creators, it is important for you to create lesson plans for the smooth ongoing procedure for your online course. Lesson plan templates can also be considered teaching plan templates. Creating efficient lesson plans is going to help both in the teaching and learning process. It helps to keep all course material on track, where the learners get feasible access to the courseware. A lesson plan gives a structure to a class session and outlines the content that you plan to use. 

Let us look at a few basic components for a detailed teaching plan template – 

  • Determine the scope of your lesson plan

You need to figure out if you are creating a lesson plan by month or week or just by a day or by a particular module. Determine your targets and plan accordingly. Some educators tend to spend some quality time and create lesson plans for every other day specifically focusing on every module or by time duration. 

Weekly lesson plans are the most preferable modules, they are helpful for collecting regular feedback, and improving as needed in the future. 

  • Identify the learning objectives 

The next step that comes in creating the ideal lesson plan for your course is identifying the learning objectives for your online course. Once you are sure of what are the learning objectives of your online course, you will be able to create a structure that would suit the learning needs of your potential learners or audience. Think about questions like – What can your learners expect from the course? Will the students be able to get any learnings that would help them achieve their goals? 

  • Keep your courseware ready 

Make a list of all the course materials that would be required in creating the ideal lesson plan for your online course. Prepare your courseware ahead of time so that you can put enough time in creating the lesson plans for your course, you can decide and create a schedule for the same. 

Some of the lesson plan templates are – 

  • Daily Teaching Plan Template 

You could create a lesson plan on a daily basis if you want to build up courseware where you can keep a check at all times. A few of the things to be included in the daily lesson plan template are – Class/Course, date, time, course topic, lesson goals, learning objectives, different types of assessments, activities and lastly a summary where you could include the brief idea of how you are planning to fulfill the goals for that particular class in your online course. Remember to put up a few questions like – What is the focus point of your class for that particular day? What is the value you want to offer from your class? Why are you teaching this lesson? What are the learning objectives and outcomes it need to meet? How are you planning to engage your learners? What classwork or tasks are you planning to make them do to keep the classroom environment interesting? How are you planning to assess the student’s understanding? How do you plan to prepare the learners for further lessons? How are you going to measure if the students have understand what you wanted you intended to?

  • Weekly Teaching Plan Template 

Next comes the Weekly Lesson Plan Template. Here, you can note the plan on a weekly basis, and mark the learning objectives, instructional material, strategies, all kinds of assessments, and reflections for the lesson. Remember to mark the list of lesson objectives, key concepts, and tasks for the whole week. Plan if you are going to use text, worksheets, video clips, visuals, or any other activities. Under strategies decide if it will be a lecture, a guided speech, a live class, a collaborative discussion, a group discussion, or a Q and A session. Under the assessment session, plan if you are planning  to have any activities namely, tests, class discussions, debates, quizzes, tests, etc. Lastly, under the reflection row, you could make a note on reviewing the lesson plan, asking key questions, clearing doubts, and collecting constructive feedback. 

  • Monthly Teaching Plan Template 

Same as the weekly lesson plan, you could also create a monthly lesson plan template where you include all the points mentioned previously, with a broader plan. You will need enough time in planning your lesson routines for a whole month. Remember to include all points like the learning objectives, the course material, the strategies that you are going to use in teaching or instructing, all the assessments that you plan to take, and lastly the reflections on what you would mark if your learners have understood what you taught. 

  • Module Teaching Plan Template 

Module lesson template could be made based on the modules and units. Note down the specific class name of the group of learners you are going to take a class for,  the unit or title of that particular module or unit. You could create a tabular representation for each lesson or topic, having sections on course content, timeline, activities that can be done for increasing interactivity, the form of assessment, and the objectives and goals for that specific lesson. 

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