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Instagram’s Hashtag Strategy for Course Selling

“We have the technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” –  Pierre Omidyar

Rightly quoted by Pierre Omidyar, the 21st century runs largely leveraging social media to make the best life for themselves. And honestly speaking, achieving success using social media platforms like Instagram is not that hard if you know the strategies that will surely work. One such rising profession these days is course creation. People are creating online courses more than they have as this era is just perfect to become an online course creator. In today’s blog, we will be talking about how course creators can use the ‘Hashtag Strategy’ to market their online courses on Instagram and make them successful. Instagram hashtags can impact your Instagram marketing strategy largely. It’s like a game changer for online course creators. If the course creators succeed in finding relevant or best hashtags for Instagram that are directly related to their course, then the course creators can actually win the game of course selling or will manage to stay ahead in the game at least.  Before getting into deep questions like tips to find the best hashtags for your online course, etc. let us understand the basics of it. 

What are Instagram Hashtags? 

As the name suggests, Instagram hashtags begin with the sign (#) followed by words, numbers, characters, etc. One thing to note about hashtags is that they are always a single word. For instance- Instagram will only consider ‘best online course ever’ as a hashtag if it’s written as #bestonlinecourseever and not #best online course ever. The idea of using hashtags is to make a particular content, page, etc easily discoverable. Each unique Instagram hashtag or best hashtags for Instagram is associated with the picture it is used with. For instance- if I am putting up a picture of a dog on my Instagram handle and I use the hashtags #bestdogs and #goldenretrieverpuppy then my post will be associated with these hashtags. Later, if an individual searches for these hashtags, then they’ll be able to see my post with the posts of other people who have used the same hashtag. However, in order to make your posts visible with a hashtag, you must have a public Instagram account and not a private one. 

Benefits of using Hashtags on Instagram

Higher Visibility- Using hashtags on Instagram helps the course creators in getting higher visibility in the world of social media. There are very high chances to gain visibility if someone searches for the best hashtags for Instagram in your niche that you have included in your Instagram post/story. In short, hashtags make course selling easy. 

Better Promotions of the Online Course- More than anything, hashtags help online course creators in promoting their online courses successfully in the world of social media. It is a well-known fact that people in today’s time trust social media more than anything. The best hashtags for Instagram that you choose can help you in getting viral and help your online course get popular amongst the audience. 

Higher Sales- In addition to the above-mentioned points, the best hashtags for Instagram are sure to help you in increasing your sales. Understand it this way, if a learner looks for #bestskilldevelopmentcourse and they come across your posts, there are chances that they will visit your website. There are chances that they might subscribe to your online course if they like the content. Therefore, do not miss a chance of increasing your sales using the best hashtags for Instagram. 

How to Find Top Hashtags for Online Course? 

Finding the best hashtags for Instagram/best Instagram hashtags for likes is not that difficult. All you need to do is type a relevant word around your niche. For instance, if you want to search the best hashtags for Instagram for your skill development course, then you must search for #bestskilldevelopmentcourses #skilldevelopment or #skilldevelopmentcourse. After entering such hashtags on Instagram, the next step is to click on tags. Once you click on tags, you will be able to see a wide range of hashtags with a number written below them. This number is nothing but the number of posts associated with that particular hashtag. Now, in order to choose the best hashtags for Instagram/best Instagram hashtags for likes, you should choose the hashtags that have the maximum number of posts associated with them. This will help you in getting higher visibility as a lot of people search for that particular hashtag. 

How many Hashtags to Use in One Post? 

There are multiple theories on how many hashtags should be used in one particular post. However, different things work for different people. What might work for one-course creator might not work for another. Therefore, determining how many hashtags should be used in one post requires a lot of trying and testing. However, the maximum number of hashtags that can be used in one Instagram post is 30, but that does not mean that you should use 30 hashtags with every post. You can start with 5, 6, or any number of hashtags that work for you. Later, figure out what your competitors are doing and what is working well for them. Take a hint and try if that can work for you as well. 

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