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Instagram Trends for Online Course Creators

Marketing has always been the essence of any product, service, business, etc. If discussed in simple terms, marketing process of where a professional or a group of professional perform multiple activities to make a product, service, business, etc. successful. In order to perform these activities, they need multiple platforms, and Instagram is one if them.

Instagram- one of the applications that we can  not imagine our days without. With 500 million users using the stories feature everyday, the app is one of the most popular applications amongst all the age groups.

Did you know?

The origin of the name Instagram is a portmanteau of Instant photo + Telegram since the app ha become a popular place to share pictures.

Over the past few years, Instagram has emerged as a popular platform for marketing and advertising. In fact, it’s now been estimated that one in every three minutes of social media activity is spent on Instagram. Instagram has reinvented social media marketing, and it’s been a pretty remarkable year for the app. With over 700 million active users and more than 25 billion photos shared on Instagram every day. With such a large number of people using Instagram, the potential for advertising through this platform is huge. With that said, here are a few marketing trends that online course sellers must definitely explore in 2022.

Use hashtags

One of the famous Instagram marketing strategies or Instagram content strategy is to use hashtags. Using hashtags is a great way to reach the target audience. The hashtags encourage the learners to explore all the relatable content that appears under a hashtag. It is crucial for online course sellers to use hashtags to also enhance their social media presence. The expanding craze of social media and the success it gives to people needs no mention. 90% of the users spend a lot of time on social media and therefore there are higher chances of connecting with your potential customers through Instagram. Use the best platform to sell online courses.

For example- When a user searches for fashion design, there are higher chances that they will come to your page to explore more about the same. If they like your work, they might also be interested in buying your course. However, all this would only happen if you use all the relevant hashtags under all your posts.

In a nutshell, including hashtags may seem an ineffective way of growing your online business, but it is the most effective marketing trend that you must follow in 2022.

Putting up link stickers is a great way to directly drive traffic to your website or channel or any other platform you want to. Instagram offers a variety of excellent features to the users, however, the link stickers feature tops the list. The online course creators can simply use the feature on their Instagram story and they might observe a marked change in the footfall on their page.

For example- If you are an online course creator and you make courses on sculpture making, you can put up an attractive video that will catch the audiences’ attention. The next step is to simply add your course link in the same story or the next story. There are higher chances that the people who loved your video of sculpture-making would want to learn more about it. And what would be a greater way than providing them with the learning resource right there. Therefore, the next time you put up an Instagram story, remember to add the link to your online course there. This Instagram marketing strategy is sure to help you in getting higher conversion rates.

Reach out to the influencers

The popularity of Instagram influencers is rapidly growing. We got to know half of the brands and products available in the market through social media, majorly through influencers. Investing in influencer marketing is one of the best Instagram marketing strategies that online course creators should surely follow.

For example- If you are a beautician trying to educate learners through your own online course then you need to reach out to the right audience. Now imagine yourself as a social media user who loves to consume content about beauty. You will be following various beauty influencers or bloggers on Instagram, right? Similarly, you can find the right audience through Influencer marketing. You can collaborate with various influencers and ask them to promote your online course on their account.

Use the reel feature for promotion

The reel feature is the talk of the town in 2022, what not use the feature as an Instagram marketing strategy or Instagram content strategy. Our favorite pastime these days is watching reels, isn’t it? Not only for past time, but people also use reels for actually gaining knowledge. As an online course creator, you can create short videos/ reels where you can talk about your course or maybe share some basic information about the field. Creating and sharing reels will bring you new opportunities and a good online presence, to say the least. Therefore, make sure that you make the most out of this Instagram feature & Instagram marketing strategy to make your online course more successful.

Did you know?

Every month 2 Million advertisements are done using Instagram.

Go live often and talk about the course

The best Instagram sales strategy or Instagram marketing strategy to be used by the course creators is the go live feature. The live feature of Instagram helps the users in connecting with their audience directly & personally. As an online course creator, it is essential to understand the needs and requirements of your target audience. Using the Instagram live feature will help you in understanding your audience better as well as sharing more about your online course. You can also conduct demo sessions of your online course with Instagram’s live feature. There is a high probability that the interested learners will directly reach out to you and even buy your course.

In today’s time, almost every individual owns a smartphone and maintains a social media account as well. However, the trick behind making your online course successful is by making proper use of it. So if you are an online course creator willing to make your online course successful, then do not forget to follow the above-mentioned top Instagram marketing strategies of 2022.

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