Importance of Feedback

Importance of Feedback for Online Courses

We all have done something or the other in our lives for the first time. How exciting is it to cook for the first time, write an article or poem for the first time, choreograph a dance performance for the first time, etc. 

As much as we are excited to do something for the first time, we seek someone’s feedback on the same.

For instance- if you write a story, you will read it to your friends, family, or someone you know. You will want them to give an honest reaction/feedback for your work. Now you may have various reasons to ask for feedback. However, the most common reasons for asking for feedback are- 

  • You want to know the scope of improvement
  • You want to know the thoughts of the audience
  • You want to check if your work is actually impactful 
  • You want to know if you are using the right resources like, the best platform for selling online courses

However, these reasons can vary from person to person and on individual objectives. But what do we exactly mean when we talk about feedback? 

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we will be talking about the meaning of feedback and its importance for online course creators.

What is Feedback? 

Feedback can be understood as the review from other individuals, professionals, or anyone else on any work or task you do. More than advice or evaluation, feedback is a reality check on how one is doing towards achieving their targets or goals. It is crucial to get time-to-time feedback in order to stay on track and reach the goal in the best possible way. 

For instance, if a writer begins to write a book, and they reach out to a good editor or proofreader at the beginning itself, then they can avoid the last minute of fixing the grammar mistakes, etc. This is an example of how the right feedback at the right time can help you in- 

  • Saving time
  • Optimum utilization of efforts
  • Putting the best foot forward, and more. 

Importance of Feedback for Online Courses? 

When you collect the right feedback at the right time from the students, you create a more confident path for yourself. Imagine it this way: 

Situation1- You have written a Science project, you did not do good research, did not put the right facts, did not take feedback from classmates/seniors, and now your teacher is evaluating your project in front of the class

Situation 2- You have written a Science project, you have done thorough research, you spent time on gathering feedback from your seniors, you have added the right information, and followed the right structure. 

In which of the above-mentioned two situations you will feel confident and nervous? A majority of the readers will have similar answers, situation 1 will make you feel nervous and you will be confident in situation 2. 

But why? What are the reasons for the same? 

Here is the list of the reasons- 

Situation Reaction/Response
Underprepared Nervous
No Feedback Nervous
Good Research Confident
Well Prepared Confident
Gathered Feedback Confident


Now that you know the reasons, let us talk a little more about the importance of feedback/feedback for online classes. Gathering feedback at the right time is very important, especially while creating something that involves the audience, for instance, an online course. The most important tip for an online course creator is to gather feedback from the audience, learners, or potential learners. 

Here are a few points to justify the importance of feedback/ importance of feedback for online classes- 

Self Improvement- When we talk about the importance of feedback/ feedback for online classes, the very first point to focus on is that feedback comes along with an opportunity for self-improvement. Gathering feedback from learners or potential customers will help you in making positive changes in your online course. The process is sure to help you if your mission is to expand your reach and generate more revenue. 

Encouragement- Feedback does not necessarily have to be negative. Another great importance of feedback/ importance of feedback for online classes is that it encourages the course creators to continue doing the good work. The positive feedback helps the course creators in understanding & realizing the value of their knowledge and knowing their true potential. In short, it is crucial for the course creators to take time-to-time feedback as it can do wonders for them.

Credibility- In addition to self-improvement & encouragement, another advantage or importance of feedback/ importance of feedback for online classes is that it helps the course creators in gaining more credibility in the market. Gathering regular feedback assures the audience or customers that the brand is here to stay. In short, gathering feedback comes with multiple benefits for the users, and gaining credibility is one of them.  

Right Questions to ask for Online Course Feedback? 

Now that we all know the importance of feedback/ importance of feedback for online classes, I am sure your next question will be: 

  1. How do I gather feedback from my customers? 
  2. What type of questions should I ask my customers while gathering feedback? 

If you have the same questions in mind, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are a few tips on how to ask the right questions to gather the right feedback for online classes. 

Here are three ways in which you can ask questions from your customers: 

  • Pre-Course Feedback
  • Feedback During the Course
  • Feedback Post Course Completion
Pre-Course Feedback Questions Feedback During the Course Questions Feedback Post Course Completion Questions
What do they expect from the course? What is the most valuable lesson they have learned so far in the course? Did they find the learning process effective & efficient? 
What prior knowledge or experience do they have in this field? Which pattern of explaining did they like the most, videos, real-life examples, etc.  Did they find the course worth their money?
What is the amount of time they are willing to spend on the course? Do they want a deeper insight into the topic/subject?  Have they mastered the subject or do they need another course? 
What is the amount of money they will be ready to pay? (Give them amount brackets, for eg- 5k-10 or 10k-15k, etc.) Which part of the course was the least useful? How much time did they take to complete the course? 
What is the level of learning they expect? (eg- basic/medium/advance) Ask a random course-related question to know their understanding of the topic. Ask for any additional feedback or suggestion they might have. 

These are a few questions that you can ask your customers/potential customers to create a widely successful online course. We hope you find this article helpful in understanding the importance of feedback/ importance of feedback for online classes or courses. Stay connected to this platform to read more such helpful articles. 

Thank you and Happy Reading! Stay tuned to learn more and check out online course selling platforms.

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