How to Write Testimonials- Tips for Online Course Creators

An online course seller or a social media marketing firm, no matter what type of business you’re in, putting up testimonials is an important way to show how great you are at providing products & services. Since testimonials are a perfect way to capture your audience’s attention, they’re a great way to generate leads and build trust with your customers. In short, the testimonials that you include for the marketing strategies can largely impact your work, therefore, it is important to have them in your back pocket. However, just like creating a good online course, writing a good testimonial is also an art. Here are some tips and tricks to write impactful testimonials-

Write a Testimonial that Conveys a Journey

Testimonials can be called a type of review as they represent the learners’ experience after choosing your online course. In short, testimonials are used to show the role of your online course in the learners’ success. Therefore, the testimonials that you put up on your website, etc. should actually represent their journey & experience. Such testimonials are not only good marketing-friendly, but they also help the course sellers in retaining their existing learners. To write a persuasive testimonial, the writers should include details like what the course did for the users with specific examples.

Example 1- “I think that this is a great online course for people who are just starting out or people who have never painted before. The instructor explains the process in detail and goes step-by-step, with an assortment of lessons to choose from.”

Example 2- “I found this course to be a great source of information. I have always been interested in painting and getting my hands on a paintbrush because I was never sure about how to use it, but after taking this course I have learned so much and am even more excited to start painting.”

Mention User Benefits

As mentioned above, testimonials or reviews are a great way to generate more leads and get more conversions. Therefore, the testimonials of the existing users should surely include the benefits they have observed or received after they started with your online course. Therefore, the testimonials of your online course must include the offering of your course.

Example – “I joined this course because I wanted to be able to keep track of my wrong habits & wanted to work to improve them. The course surely helped me in keeping a track of the same.”

Keep the Testimonial Short & Crisp

‍Be it short crash courses or small videos. The 21st century is all about short-form content. Therefore, online course creators should put short and crisp testimonials on their websites or other social media platforms. The testimonials that are to the point have higher readability and impact. In short, short & crisp testimonials are an effective way to advertise your course and build trust & credibility in the market.

Example- “The course is a great way to get back into yoga and it has helped me stay in shape.”‍

Use authentic testimonials

What your learners or customers say about your online course is what helps your course in gaining more credibility. Therefore, putting up testimonials is an essential part of making your online courses even more successful. One crucial thing about effective testimonials is that they are authentic and genuine. Putting up false testimonials can impact your credibility and brand image. Therefore, putting up authentic testimonials is a must.

We hope you find this blog beneficial in writing testimonials, thank you for reading!

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