How to Use Email Marketing for Online Courses

The evident point to note is that email is still the number one marketing strategy to sell online courses even in the era of social media. Email marketing allows building strong communication between the creators, educators, and the audience, both existing and potential.

Let us look into some strategies for marketing through email –

1. Segment your subscribers’ list 

Instead of sending a promotional email to all of your subscribers, segmenting your list will result in far more interaction. Take a look at some of the statistics like – Consider subscribers who buy on frequently based on their buying history, Subscribers who not only open your emails but also interact with them by clicking links, connected photos, or call-to-action (CTA) buttons are segmented, Subscribers who engage with mailings with topics similar to those of your online course are segmented. These people are more than likely to be interested in taking the online course.

2. Make Engaging Content

Following the acquisition of your initial contacts, you should concentrate on your marketing copy and email content. You’ll need a website with interesting content to attract visitors. People can visit your online school’s website to learn more about your courses. You could be losing a lot of prospective leads if you don’t have one.
The value of your online course is that it can help your audience resolve their pain point. You can communicate that value to your subscribers with a well-written value proposition. Your value proposition should essentially explain to your subscribers what your online course is about and why they should take it. You should be able to clearly define the benefits of taking your online course in your value proposition. Start with a concise title that effectively summarizes your online course to generate a value proposition. If your online course covers the fundamentals of web development, for example, your headline can be “Learn the fundamentals of web programming in under an hour.” You can then include material that outlines how your online course will assist subscribers in achieving the goals you indicated in your headline.

3. Create urgency 

You can entice users to take action on your promotional email by creating a sense of urgency. It’s to take your online course in this scenario. Using time-sensitive wording in your email copy is a common way to create urgency in your communications. Include phrases like today only, tomorrow, hurry, and limited time in your subject lines to entice your readers to act right now. To further create urgency and increase conversions, offer a time-sensitive discount.

4. Allow your email to be shared on social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest may have pages dedicated to your company. You may use the power of these social media sites in conjunction with your email marketing efforts to expand the reach of your online course. What’s the best part? It only takes a few minutes of your time. Most email marketing platforms now include social sharing functionality, allowing you to combine your social media and email marketing efforts.
You only need to include social network sharing buttons in your email. Subscribers will be able to quickly share the content of your promotional email on their social media accounts as a result of this.

You could use these strategies in framing your emails for marketing your online course. Stay tuned to read more such blogs on online courses.

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