How to Start Your Online Course on Yoga

In recent years Yoga has massively developed an incredible online community. You could see all people getting health conscious and opting for yoga classes for better health benefits and for the calmness of doing yoga. Being a yoga instructor the main object is to teach your learners how to be rooted at the moment. There are many yoga instructors who have shifted their yoga studios to online courses on Yoga. Learners in an online class get the feasibility to schedule their online courses and meet their yogis on their own schedule. Yoga instructors can create their online courses on Yoga and connect with a global audience and create an online community. Yet there are a few yoga instructors who are yet to build their online course on Yoga. Some struggle to find a local studio yet an online course could help them create their online community.

Let’s take a look at how to start your online course on Yoga –

1. Decide the format of your online course on Yoga

Decide the format of your online course on Yoga, decide if you want to offer a class for a number of people or a private class for different individuals. You may either give a class that is open to all of your students, and the good news is that, unlike in a tiny yoga studio, you have unlimited room, so you can get as many people to join your class as possible. You can also provide 1-on-1 students with live online lessons in which you teach them exclusively. You can see them and talk to them face to face if they have a computer or phone with a camera.

2. Decide the niche for your online course

Ask yourself some of the questions like do you have a unique approach to mindfulness and overall wellness? Do you cater to busy business people? Do you want to educate students on how to create their own flows? Do you focus on pre-or post-natal yoga? Do you offer an ultimate guide for beginner students? Do you use yoga to help people become better athletes? Take some time to think about it. Consider what you want to teach in your online yoga business, as well as how it will benefit your yoga audience.

3. Create your online yoga studio website

Decide your streaming platform. With the help of Teachmore, you can create your own website. Your membership program’s storefront is your video streaming website. It’s where potential consumers can discover more about your online courses, compare rates, and determine if your yoga style is suited for them. To build your online presence and attract the proper individuals into your community, you’ll need to create a professional-looking website – and you don’t need a degree in web design to do it!

4. Get your equipment

Get your equipment to film your classes. You’ll need either a computer with a webcam or a tripod for your iPhone or Android phone. When your students are practicing, they will listen to your voice more than they will see you. Using your computer’s or phone’s internal microphone isn’t going to cut it. It’s not loud enough, and it won’t stay stable as you move around. You may either buy a headset with a device that transfers the audio to your computer or in-ear headphones, which is the easiest and best option.

5. Set up your filming location and set up to launch your course

The steps at the end of the creation of your online course on Yoga include finalizing the location, taking your final shots. It also further goes into the procedure of launching your course online, selling your course, and marketing it.

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