How to Shoot Your Cooking Course


You always want your creativity to shine and especially in a culinary online course, you’ll definitely need the extra spark for making it one successful one. You definitely need to experiment with the best ways to shoot your cooking class and learn new ways to teach your favorite and unique recipes to a bunch of audiences who are interested in taking your cooking online course. You must make sure that you have a good foundation to work from. Cooking is an art and you being a cooking educator need to make sure that you present your classes in the most presentable way.
Since the pandemic started, people have been staying indoors most of the time and 85% of them are interested in cooking new dishes there are tons of online course creators who have cooking as their genre. Therefore you need to make sure that you stand out in filming your cooking class.
Let’s look at some tips on how to shoot your cooking online course –

1. Gather your gear

It seems obvious, but you need a camera. You can use a DSLR or even just a phone with a good camera setting. You need to learn the quality of what you’re shooting. You need to make sure about the quality of the camera you are using as cooking videos need to have good quality to capture the smallest details. You need to make sure that whatever you use must be able to capture a clear vision to make it look more interesting. Also, remember to keep your devices charged and have enough storage to cover all the videos.

2. Set the time for filming 

Make sure you are not in a hurry while filming your online courses. You need to have an ample amount of time with you to focus on the exact videos the way you planned. Make sure to shoot during the day, as natural light is the best for all food colors. Also, you could choose the desired aesthetic and place setting for your cooking online course according to the theme of your online course.

3. Pick the channel 

If you have a good social media following, take advantage of that and go live on all the platforms, namely Facebook Live or Instagram Live. If you prefer more live sessions, you could have live sessions on the platform and the audience or learners could also cook side by side on their side of the live session. You could take such live cooking sessions for your online course at times. To know the appropriate time for such live sessions, make sure you check out the traffic or the availability of your group of learners. Also, remember to keep time zones in mind if you have learners from across the world. You might also do a quick poll on when would be the best time to hold a live class with your set of learners.

4. Prepare for your shoot day

Prepare the schedule and the order of shots, also prepare a well-versed script beforehand so that you don’t mess up the speech. After you’ve gathered all the required gear, have set a preferable time and place and people to shoot with, it is finally the time to go ahead with it. Going into your shoot day, keep in mind the idea of what you want your cooking online course to look like. You might definitely be familiar with what your class of learners is looking for, you must remember what kind of shoot would interest them more. Also, make sure you give a good introduction while starting your cooking class. Prepare the table full of any food item or ingredients you’d need to make that specific recipe. Do a double-check, only to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Also, remember to include and guide the cameraman (if one) to take enough shots from the bird’s eye view for the audience to see the whole procedure.

5. Practice and make your space 

Before shooting your course, make sure you have a practice day or a few practice hours as you need to make sure that the lighting is balanced and the audio is clear and the camera is angled at the right position. Remember that this is not a YouTube video but a class. You’ll have to make sure you provide proper instructions at each step of making the dish and filming it. You could also emphasize with text at the bottom of the screen, it’ll help students to get accessibility.

Hope this blog helps you in creating your online course on cooking. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.

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