How to Repurpose your Online Course Content

The main question for online course creators is the best way to repurpose their content or the best content repurposing strategy. This article explores the topic, explaining how you can put your content in a blog post, turn it into a webinar, or create an e-book out of it. It also includes some tips on how to make your content more attractive to potential buyers by adding bonuses like workbooks and templates. Online course creators can be challenged with creating a new course each time they want to teach something. However, there are many ways to reuse content from old courses – with a few tweaks, the course could be presented as a totally different topic. Here are the top content repurposing strategy-

Breaking down the online course

One of the best content repurposing strategies is to break down the online course content. Online courses are made up of lectures, quizzes, and assignments. Lectures can be broken down into video lectures or PowerPoint slides with accompanying audio. Quizzes are short questions that assess the learner’s understanding of the content and often have multiple choice answers. Assignments are projects that challenge the learner to apply the knowledge they’ve learned in an online course. Hence, this strategy can prove to be extremely beneficial for the online course creators in order to repurpose their online courses.

Considerations for creating new content

The next content repurposing strategy is to recognize the requirements of the new content. You should surely take out time and sit to understand the changes you want to bring to your online course. Make sure that you use each and every feature of the platform that you’re using for creating content. Decide what type of content you want to create, such as hands-on activities or videos. You should also decide how fast you want to release new content. For example, if it takes weeks to develop new content, you may need more time in between releases of the content. However, once you decide the date and announce it, ensure that you stick to it.

Using old blog posts in a new online course

One way to repurpose your old blog posts in a new online course is by making them into lessons. You can also use old blog posts as inspiration for future content. For example, if you wrote about how to buy a house and you decide to create an online course on investing in real estate, then that post would be perfect for the real estate section of the course. This tip is sure to help you in repurposing your online course.

Tips for using audio and video in your online course

In addition to creating a course plan and writing the content, you can get more from your online course by adding audio and video. Adding this content will have an impact on whether your students are able to learn effectively. Think about what resources you can add that would make your course even better. You may add a few videos, audio, or maybe podcasts in order to make your course more attractive. Students tend to connect more to the content that is not limited to one source of information, communication, or format


Online courses are becoming increasingly popular because they offer an interactive learning experience. It’s easy to teach what you know and share your passion with the rest of the world. Hope you find this article helpful. Stay tuned to this space to read more such blogs. Thank you and happy learning.

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