How to Re-engage Learners Who Do Not Complete Your Online Course

Even if you’re doing everything right for your online course, a few of the learners still might not reach the stage for course completion. The number of students or learners who opted out of your course without completing it can impact your online course website. When these learners leave your course, it affects the traffic on your online course’s website.

It is crucial to keep your learners engaged, even if they are distracted from the course material. There are tactics that could help you to analyze why your learners are leaving your course before completion. It is a hard task to bring the students who have already dropped their interest but understanding why they dropped out could help you to analyze and use for relevant tactics to bring them back and re-engage.

Let us look at some of the tips on how to re-engage learners who do not complete your course –

1. Email Communication

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to attract learners, be the existing, potential, and distracted learners are through emails. Frame a well-crafted email that would grab the audience’s attention. There are many learners who get busy with other things like academics or work and miss out on attending your online course. It leads to low traction on your online courses website. A quick and personalized email may draw the learners back to learning. You could craft the emails in a way that could be like a reminder for them to attend your course and miss out on learning and acquiring the skills. Remind your learners that the course exists and they haven’t finished all modules and that you’re there to help them if there are any roadblocks. You could also share the updates that you have added to your online courses website. 

2. Collect feedback

To know what is the root cause of your students dropping out, feedback can help you to know why. Collect feedback that gives you an insight into your learner’s perspective. When you take feedback about your online courses website, it makes the learners feel like their being listened to. Feedback gives learners the opportunity to talk about how they feel about the course, how the course works for them, and their user experience. This feedback would help you as a course creator to get an audience analysis, where you could figure out why a certain group of learners is not continuing with your courseware.

3. Engage through activities 

When you see that few of your learners are irregular, you need to revamp your lesson plans to re-engage them. To avoid re-engagement, it is important to keep learners engaged from the start so that they never get disinterested and drift away from the courseware. Remember to always include activities that would keep your learners focused from the start. Include activities in every class so that they look up to the next class. Include discussions where they could engage with other students. Building relationships also adds up to students being consistent in the learning process.

4. Build relationships 

Building relationships that would last helps in capturing the interests of learners. When they are able to feel that free and inclusive vibe within the online classroom, they feel the need to stay back and complete the course with full learning and acquiring of knowledge and skills. When they build relationships with other learners, they build a personal connection, they keep a check on each other. When they make friends with the other learners and even the educator, they will follow up and check up on each other and encourage them to get back to the course

5. Build easy access for you 

Being a course creator, you need to make sure that your learners are free around you. Build connections with your learners where they are able to share their barriers with you, where they talk to you about not only the course but anything else that is bothering them. Build easy access where they could connect with you in case of any roadblocks.

Hope reading this blog helps you engage learners when they lack attention in your course. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.

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