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How to Monetize Your Online Course

Monetize online course: Selling online courses has become a popular means of making money as the e-learning sector expands. You may help people while earning money by compiling your knowledge and experience into an online course. What are the most effective means of monetizing your expertise, though?

Online course monetization can be done in a variety of ways. This blog will expose you to 7 various methods you may use to monetize your online instructional content.

How to Monetize Online Course?

Read the strategies mentioned below to monetize online courses

Multi-Vendor platforms

You may sell and advertise your online course using multi-vendor e-learning platforms like Teachmore, SkillShare, Teachable, Thinkific, etc. These platforms have fairly straightforward course formats, making it quite simple to create and upload material. Additionally, selling on these platforms spares you from having to build, maintain, and drive adequate traffic to your own website.

  • On Teachmore, trainers may design and host their courses there, promoting those courses through many channels.
  • Additionally, courses are sold straight to the student.

Courses as products

Monetize online courses: The most common and simple approach to monetize online courses is undoubtedly by selling access to it. Teachmore or other course creation platforms may be used to develop courses that can be marketed and students can access and finish after making a purchase. To encourage creators to get a better understanding of a subject, course packages and bundles are frequently made available.

Selling Course Certificates

As an alternative, you might provide a free course enrollment option and earn money by selling certificates of completion. Many creators have used this strategy for monetizing online courses to great effect. Their website has been able to get a sizable number of students to sign up for their free courses by simply offering course certificates. In the end, a sizable percentage of course graduates opt to acquire certificates and proof of course completion in order to confirm their abilities and knowledge and share it with their networks.


Monetize online course: Another monetization option to think about is offering monthly or weekly access to a course that you are constantly adding content to or that takes a while to complete.

You may sell students a membership to a single course or a collection of courses, depending on your goals. Your students will be inspired to study on your website frequently if you put up a membership plan to sell your courses. Instead of buying a course as a standalone product, students join up to become long-term, recurring consumers by purchasing a subscription.

Membership Sites

By offering your courses for sale on a membership website, you may profit from them. These websites operate by charging customers for memberships that provide them access to restricted material, in this example, your courses.

Additionally, you may design and market several membership tiers that grant access to various course collections. You can provide, for instance:

  • Level 1 membership, entitles users to all introductory courses.
  • All beginning and intermediate courses are accessible to level 2 members, and
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses are accessible to level 3 members.

Payment in Installments

Monetize online courses: Students can pay for course access in many payments if you want to make your courses more affordable for them. This strategy excels in particular for courses with higher price points. You may appeal to a larger audience by dividing the expense into smaller, more manageable portions.

Payment installments are arranged like little subscriptions that are charged once a month or once a week for a specific period of time until the whole cost has been paid, as opposed to continuously.

Now we have understood, important tips to monetize online courses. Let us summarize how to create and monetize online courses in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Build your Teachmore or Online Course Website

Step 2: Upload Your Course

  • Make it accessible
  • Make use of visual communication
  • Get rid of the fluff
  • Make shorter lessons
  • Embrace simplicity
  • Arrange for flow
  • Cater to global students

Step3: Monetize Online Course Website

  • Sell the course as a product
  • Set a subscription model
  • Online advertising


Knowing how to construct and monetize your Teachmore website is crucial because of the rapidly expanding worldwide e-learning sector. The market has a value of $101 billion in 2019 and is projected to increase to $167.5 billion by 2026, according to Statista. Take the learning leap if you want to acquire a piece of this pie. So, you’re on the correct track if you want to learn how to build and market your online course website.

We hope that this blog has helped you in understanding how to monetize online courses.

Thank you for reading!

Stay tuned with Teachmore to learn how to sell online courses.

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