How to Make a Standout Course in Popular Categories

In the digital age, we get to see course creators who tend to create and sell online courses on various platforms. Some keep it as a second income or profession and others keep it for full-time occupation as an online course creator and educator. One very important question that arises with the number of online courses is – How to stand out a course in categories that are already popular? How to present your class in a unique way? How to differentiate your online course from all the other courses in the same category? As an online course creator, these questions might come through your mind while you create and sell online courses.
Let’s look at how to make a course standout in a popular category –

1. Show your uniqueness 

‍Although there might be many course creators who would create and sell courses in the same category, you need to remember that your course could be presented in the most unique ways to stand out from all the others available. Carve a niche by building your course in the most unique way, making your teaching a unique one, where students learn with fun. Make your online course interesting by including the most unique teaching techniques, take frequent feedback from your learners or students. Get that constructive feedback and make the improvements to stand out amongst the others. Make your online course intriguing by including fun activities along with the learning experience. Include sessions where students can actively take part, speak up, and put out their perspectives which also would encourage them to learn more in your online course.

‍Yes, it is true that when you choose a popular category genre it is difficult to sell online courses, yet remember that on-trend classes are always on demand. There are many learners who want to learn things that are basic and trendy. It might be difficult for you as an online course creator as you might have many competitors but if you know to make it stand out, you’d definitely be able to sell online courses. Center your course around the themes that are most liked by the majority of people nowadays. Choose styles and designs that could attract the audience you are targeting for.

3. Build in the special perspective 

‍When you create and sell online courses in the most popular categories, it is difficult to get the audience but when you create a special perspective for your online course, you will be able to attract the number of people who want as your learners.

Learners take multiple courses within the category because they enjoy different teaching techniques, you need to make sure that your one has a uniqueness and a special perspective that is evident. Build in a personal technique that would be remembered by your learners even after their course completions. You can use your personal expertise to share a unique technique or approach that would stand out from all the online course creators in the same category. Make sure your course is unique so that the learners who take your class always remember yours as the best one. Use your personal expertise to share unusual techniques to approach a popular subject in a different way.

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