How to Keep Your Online Learners Motivated

Internal motivation and personal interests are the keys to student motivation. Being an online educator, you must ask yourself: How can I make each of my students feel more connected to themselves as learners, as well as more personally invested in the world they live in, as a result of deep engagement with the subject matter at hand, whether we are educators, entrepreneurs, or motivational speakers? Many of the same reasons that make traditional education so effective also apply to online learning.

Provide opportunities for students to connect personally to the subject matter; have students set their own goals; set up a system for self-monitoring and progress-tracking; encourage students to collaborate with you on the syllabus or course reading material; and act as a facilitator, not a transmitter, of information to motivate students online.
Let’s look at some of the points to keep online students motivated –

1. Use a Reward System

You could use a reward system in your classroom environment where you reward your students when they win something. The wins can be as minimal as finishing the classwork first. Be it an online setting or an offline setting, when people are rewarded for their achievements or goals, they are motivated to do better. Using a reward system helps the learners to achieve all the goals they have targeted with greater zeal.

2. Insist your learner to monitor their own progress

There is a certain amount of anarchy in some courses. Online students are expected to stay up with their friends and obtain information as rapidly as possible, leaving little time for reflection and information absorption. This is why it is critical to schedule time for self-reflection and assessment. Include periodic breaks for online students to reflect on their approach, remember key points, and identify areas for growth. These pauses allow online students to make meaningful connections with the subject content, allowing them to personalize their eLearning experience. It also empowers individuals to direct their own personal growth and development, which increases their intrinsic motivation.

3. Create an accessible environment

Give your employees a tangible activity to do while training. Clickable buttons and interactive activities, for example, can assist learners to become more immersed in the experience and spend more time going through your course. Sorting encounters and scenarios can also help them practice making decisions in a safe environment.
It is important that you create an accessible environment for your students. Give them the accessibility where they can connect with you if they have a doubt. You will have to build an environment where they are comfortable around you as an educator.

4. Provide Feedback 

The goal of training is to assist learners in changing their habits and improving their performance. Giving your team feedback on specific tasks allows them to track their progress and keeps them motivated to achieve their objectives. When students select the right answer on a quiz, for example, include a motivating remark that stresses how effectively they performed on the subject at hand, such as “Good job!” or “You handled that challenging scenario like a pro!” Explain why their answer was accurate or erroneous so they can gain a better knowledge of the material.

5. Give them an enjoyable learning experience

Give them an enjoyable learning experience. Not just a class where they learn but also where they have fun, make friends and communicate and learn more than just their course material. Along with learning and acquiring the skills that they enrolled for, you as a course creator need to make sure that your students enjoy the journey. At the end of their course completion, they must have this experience where they learned about the things taught along with collecting other experiences they had during the course, along with their other course mates.

Hope reading this blog helps you to know how to keep your online learners motivated. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.


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