How to Keep Learners Engaged After Course Completion

The online courses market is constantly on the rise. Many upcoming course creators sell online courses. There might be courses just like your online course in the market, from the same genre and type. You must make sure you’re learners stay loyal to your online course among all the similar ones in the online courses market. Attracting and engaging with the customer base, be it selling a product or services like online courses, is difficult if you do not have a well strategic plan with you for engagement.

As a course creator, you need to focus on keeping your learners engaged and associated with the course platform even after completion as they could enroll in courses even in the future. Another point to add is that they will be able to spread about your online courses platform among their peers and more.

Let’s take a look at how can you keep your learners engaged after completion of your online courses –

– Appreciate course completion

Individuals feel motivated when they are appreciated for completing a goal. When they are celebrated or appreciated for something they have achieved they get inspired and confident about it. Additionally, they feel that they have acquired the knowledge and tend to gain more of it. Plus it also adds up to them encouraging others to join your online courses platform as they’ll get to learn a lot from you. Remember to always appreciate and reward the learners who have completed your course with enthusiasm. You can also plan a session for congratulating the batch of learners who passed your course recently. It would make them feel proud about themselves and they’ll have a willingness to stay connected with you and your future online courses.

Certification at the end of the course 

You must make sure that your online courses have a system where learners who complete the course successfully receive a certification of completion or certification of participation. This leads to a more professional and authentic way for them to show that they have acquired the knowledge and skills from the course. Plus certification is going to help them in future endeavors. Along with that, it would also help for popularizing your online courses platform. As in whoever sees the certificate may build interest in your online courses and look up for it to enroll to learn and acquire the skills.

– Conduct webinars 

Even if the learners have completed your online course, they could still be connected with you and everyone they met in the course duration. After learners have completed your online course, they might still be associated just as schools and colleges have alumni associations. Webinars in today’s era are one of the best ways of engaging with people around the world and sharing knowledge and thoughts. Conducting webinars for all learners of your online course could help you build an online community that would therefore contribute to popularizing your online courses platform. Webinars would also help the learners to connect on a personal level and be engaged with the course. You could have a session where learners who completed your course can tell about their experiences to all the other learners who are presently enrolled in your online course.

Market your content 

Marketing your content and promoting can be a means of attracting students. When you write or post blogs on your online courses platform or website and share it with the learners who completed the course earlier, it means that they will also share it around different mediums. This would contribute to your online course as more people would know about it.

Send marketing emails

Marketing emails are a great way to stay connected with the learners who have completed your course. You could keep sending well-framed emails to all learners and students who participated in your course. Keep them updated through new course arrivals or blogs posted etc. You could also create a newsletter service for your online courses platform.

Hope reading this blog gives you a fair idea of how to keep learners engaged after course completion. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.


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