how to improve your email open rate

How to improve your email open rate

You might have created a landing page or sales page to develop a customer email list as an online course creator. You will use an email list to sell your online course through email marketing strategies. It is easy to reach potential customers through email. A sequence of emails can be automated based on the details provided by your customers. Email sequencing also helps you maintain the engagement level with your existing subscribers.

What is an email open rate, and how does one increase it?

Email campaigns are set to increase your brand awareness and sales. However, not every customer who receives an email will open it. It is possible to determine the email list that opened your email via the email open rate – a metric that measures the performance of your email marketing strategies.

Suppose that your latest email campaign targeted 100 email ids. Of these, ten emails bounced, i.e., the email did not get delivered to their message box. Of the remaining 90 emails, only 30 emails were opened. The email open rate is calculated as per the below formula:

Email Open Rate = [Number of emails opened / (Number of emails sent – Number of emails bounced)] x 100= [30/90] x 100 = 33%

Ideally, the email rate should be between 16% to 25%. However, it varies for each email campaign and also depends on the industry you belong to. A higher open rate signifies that your email marketing strategies are working. A lower open rate indicates your strategies need to improve. It is imperative to ensure that your emails are not marked as spam. People also tend to ignore the emails sent to promotions, social media, and other folders of their email boxes. Read ahead to know some tips on how to improve email open rate.

When you add multiple email links in one email, the email service provider will treat it as a promotional email. As a result, the email will be sent to the promotions folder of the email box, reducing the email open rate significantly. Ideally, you should include only one or two links in the email.

Avoid lengthy emails

Sending lengthy emails to customers is not a good idea. It increases their chances of being labeled as spam by the service provider. Moreover, the customers tend to ignore lengthy emails, which eventually derails the purpose of the email campaign.
Your promotional email should be short and crisp. Only add the details that matter and try to target the pain points and issues. This helps to increase the conversion and prevent the emails from getting into your spam or promotion folders.

Set a double opt-in feature

The double opt-in feature allows you to reconfirm the email address and interest of the customers. It enhances the deliverability of the emails and automatically boosts the email open rate. All the new email IDs on your list must confirm that they have no objection to receiving the emails. The engagement level of such customers is usually on the higher side, boosting your conversion rates.

Meet the customer expectations

Customers tend to ignore emails if they find them uninteresting or of no value. Ensure to meet the customers’ expectations by providing them with informative and helpful content. Let’s say you provide health-related tips and have promised to send exercises to reduce belly fat every Saturday. Adhere to the promise – sending the newsletter containing general health tips on any other day of the week will only enrage the customer. Instead, use multiple promotional emails to create email list groups according to customer preferences. It will not only allow you to share more content, but you will be able to deliver content that meets your customers’ expectations.

Encourage customer interaction

Simply sequencing one email after another without indulging in customer conversation is a bad habit. The automated emails will not generate any leads and will affect your brand reputation. Instead, it would help if you encouraged customer interaction by asking different questions.

You can also create a questionnaire to understand the customer preferences and needs. Create an email only after understanding their main points and requirements carefully.
You may also share stories, funny instances, and different topics through emails to hold your customers’ attention. All these efforts will ultimately make you understand how to improve the email open rate.

Don’t spam your audience

Always send emails from your official email ID, including your business name. Never send an email from a personal email id such as your Hotmail or Gmail account. It is because bulk emails sent from personal ids are treated as spam by most email service providers.
Writing the entire subject line in capital letters can also mark your email as spam. Unnecessary use of punctuation marks and special characters and symbols will also result in the same thing. The email service provider may also flag promotional emails as spam if you add multiple images.


Boost the email open rates by following the abovementioned tips and ideas. Be consistent with the timing and content of your emails. Also, don’t keep sending one email after another. All these tips will help you know how to improve your email open rate.

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