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How To Create Feedback Form Questions For Online Classes

As online course creators, you need to make sure that you know the right set of survey questions to ask for your course feedback. It is considered, that the more you receive constructive feedback, the more you get points to work on for improving the courseware.

In most cases, teachers or educators miss out on understanding what their students are learning and where they are lagging behind. A feedback system or an online survey helps here to recognize where they are lacking in regards to the teaching and learning process.

In recent times, online courses have been on the rise and the competition been has tough among the course creators. Course creators have made it a goal to produce the best courseware in their specific genres. As education has become one of the topmost priorities, students are looking for top-quality courses online, and to create successful online courses you need to make sure that your course content is always improving with constructive feedback.

Let us look at some tips for creating an online feedback survey template –

1. Ask for informational details

Demographic details about your learners are one of the important pieces of information you need to collect while creating a survey for your online course. Demographic details are one way to define the improvement goals for your online course. It is essential to collect demographic information like name, course name, registration date, register number, etc.

2. Ask for instructional feedback‍

You need to ask questions where you’d know about the relationship between the learners and the instructors or educators. These are one of the important questions in the feedback survey template. Using learners’ perspectives is going to help you frame conclusions for your online course. Some of the questions to ask in this section are – Did your instructor or educator clearly define the course objective? Are you able to understand what you are being taught? Is the instructor or educator well prepared for the classes? Are your questions being answered properly in the online course class scenario? What improvements would you like to have in the teaching process?

3. Ask about the study material

Asking about the course material is an essential part of the survey. Knowing about the study material is important as it aims to support the student or learner’s learning process. The course material might be available in various forms, starting from written notes to podcasts, lesson plans, lectures, recorded videos, etc. Some of the questions you could ask in this section are – How useful are they finding the course material? Are they able to understand what they learning from the provided course material? Is the course material informative enough for them to understand the course concepts? Is it feasible for the students or learners to access the course material?

4. Ask about their learning procedure

As a course creator, you need to know if your learning audience can understand what you are teaching them. Gathering learning outcomes from students or learners helps in knowing if the learners have acquired what they were learning from your online course. From the feedback you receive, you can tweak the courseware in a way that maximizes learning and focuses on the efficiency of your learners and your online course. In this section, you could ask questions like – What are the most useful things you learned from the course? Are the learning outcomes helping you to acquire what you wanted to learn? How confident are you in applying what you have learned?

5. Ask for general feedback

Always remember to add a section for learners to put out some general feedback regarding your online course. These questions are important for you to understand the general experience of the students from your online course. General questions in the survey would help you to know about the overall impressions of the learners from the beginning to the end of the course. In this section you could ask questions like – Did the course meet your expectations in terms of quality learning? Was this online course helpful in progressing towards your learning goals or targets? Would you recommend this course to other learners? Any moments you would like to share that you felt were special in the online course process?

With the aid of the right type of questions for the feedback or survey, you will be able to make improvements and changes depending on the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of your online course. Hope reading this blog helped you to create the ideal customer feedback survey template for your online course.

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