How to Create Engaging Posts with Teachmore

Posts! Whether you want to share a quick tutorial, news about an upcoming event, or just motivate your learners with a nice image and a message, posts are a great way to make that happen!
So let’s see how they work.
To create a post, select “Posts” under Marketing.

A post can be in the form of an image, a Youtube video, a private video or text. Let’s explore more on how you can use each one of these types.

Post with Image

Select image under “Post”.

Write a title and a description, and upload an image.

Once the title, description and image are complete, you’re ready to post! Click Post.

Post with Youtube video

Select Video under posts

Paste the URL of the Youtube video which you would like to use in your post, and then click “Go”.

Once the video has been fetched from Youtube, you can change the title, and add a description (optional).

That’s it! Click post and you’re good to go!

Stay tuned to learn more and check out online course selling platforms.

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