How to Create Banners for Online Courses – A Guide

The world of online marketing is constantly changing, but one thing remains the same: banners! Now, more than ever before, online courses are gaining in popularity and so are the different ways you can use them to market your business. Visuals and banners are attention grabbers for online courses. Infographics or banners are an important source that would attract your potential audience.

Some points to mark while creating a banner for your online course –

1. Keep it minimal

Remember to keep it minimal, and include images that would help you attract the potential audience for your online course. As a course creator, you need to make sure that you include any graphics that match your course aesthetic. For example, if you are starting a cooking class, you could use minimal cooking utensils and ingredients, and not use any kind of extravagant visuals that could be too tacky. Using graphics would suit the theme of your course.

2. Include catchy taglines

‍Make sure that you use catchy taglines in fonts that are minimal yet bold and out. You need to look into it if it is not giving out a look as a poster, do not clutter elements and graphics or words all over. Mark that it should be a minimal banner holding a few important points from your blog.

3. Include important points

‍You need to make sure that you include points that are essential for your online course. Do not miss out on points like the price of your course and what are the basics of your course. You need to mention the skills that your potential learners would be acquiring or learning from you.

4. Understand the dimensions

‍Remember to mark the dimensions of the banner of your online course. Mark that you create a banner that fits the dimensions of all digital images of your online course platform. Keep in mind that you create a banner with dimensions that would fit both the desktop and mobile versions of your online course platform. Also do not forget to add the logo of the online course as it would make it stand out as a unique course among all the other courses in the same genre. Use colors on the banner that would suit the aesthetics of your online course platform.

5. Add CTA/Arouse the Curiosity

‍Never miss out on Call-To-Action terms for your banners. Terms like ‘Enroll Now’, ‘Join Now’, ‘Don’t Miss Out the Fun’, ‘Free Course’, etc. can grab the learners’ attention. Use a font that is bold and has a larger font size. Create a sense of urgency. It always takes a little push for learners to actually enroll. Call-to-action or CTAs would guide learners towards the action you want them to do.

When designing any banner for an online course you need to figure out what the actual goal of the course is. This will help you determine what it looks like and what it should include. For example, if the goal is to teach students about a certain topic with examples, then you would want to include images and information that are relevant to that topic. Without this information, you run the risk of just giving them a basic banner that looks pretty but doesn’t teach anything. Here is an example for a banner for a photography class –

To begin with, you need to know what the goal is so that you can decide which designs will be effective at achieving it. Build your collection of images and information you want students to look at. It’s important that the information you provide is relevant to your topic if you want it to be effective. You could start with a brainstorming session with people who are more familiar with your topic than you. This allows them to point out the main points you want students to learn, which speeds up the process of developing your website. You can also ask those people what topics they want to be made available for them.

This is a good way to get people involved who are not as familiar with your topic as you are. What do they want to know? Which things would they be interested in finding out? Just remember that the more people involved, the higher quality and quantity of information you will end up with. Before you begin with creating the ideal banner for your online course, you could make a list for the same and include anything that is essential for getting the attention of your potential audience.  Banner ads are often seen in the top, right corner of a website or blog. When you’re creating a banner, make sure it’s eye-catching and gets your message across clearly.

Marketing a course on an online platform can be difficult. Some people are scared off by the thought of creating a banner without any design experience, but it doesn’t need to be that daunting. There’s no right answer when it comes to creating banners, and everyone has their own preferences and specific needs. Mark on the points above and create a banner that would help you sell your course.

Online courses are becoming more and more popular as technology advances. It may seem like a daunting task to create the graphics for your course, yet if you follow the theme of your online course, you will be able to create the ideal banner too. Hope reading this blog helps you will be able to make great banners for your online course.

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