How to Create a Youtube Channel: Step by Step Guide

Let’s start our blog with a quick fact. 

Did you know? 

Youtube is a more popular search engine than Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.

Youtube is often called Google for videos. If a person is buying anything like a car, a fridge, a baking course, or anything else, most of them are likely to go on youtube and watch product reviews. Therefore, you can understand how broad the range of youtube is. The platform is a one-stop solution when people want to watch videos in any niche, from cooking to fashion videos, from tech videos to more. 

Why should Online Course Creators Create a Youtube Channel? 

Gives Visibility- A youtube channel helps online course creators to gain visibility amongst the audience or potential customers. In addition, creating a youtube channel will also help you generate quality leads for your online course.

For example- if you have created an online course that educates the learners about mechanical engineering or vehicle designing, then having a youtube with videos on relevant topics can help you mainly in connecting with potential customers who might genuinely be interested in purchasing your online course.

Helps in User Engagement- Creating a youtube channel helps the online course creators in ensuring high user engagement. The platform offers the course creators the chance to interact with the customers/potential customers via comments or youtube live, etc. In addition, it creating videos on youtube will also help you in understanding your target audience better and creating an online course to cater to all their needs without fail. 

Additional Source of Traffic- One advantage of creating a youtube channel that a lot of course creators miss is that they can drive additional traffic to their website using their youtube channel. The course creators can add links to their blogs, course, or website in the description while posting their video. In addition, they can also talk about the advantage of pursuing their online course, in short, they can easily spread a word about their course using a youtube channel. 

Enhances Confidence- In addition to all the other benefits that an online course offers to the online creators is that it enhances their confidence. Shooting videos, speaking confidently infront of the camera, and expressing your views requires a lot of confidence. And as they say, ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Creating a youtube channel and putting consistent efforts to make it grow is sure to help you in being more confident. 

Offers Monetization Opportunities- Creating a youtube channel can do wonders for online course creators as it offers them monetization opportunities. This might further help the course creators and they can use the money in making their online course even better or ensuring an additional source of income. Therefore, it is advisable that the course creators create a youtube channel to promote their online course. 

How to Choose the Name for your Youtube Channel? 

Choosing the right name can be a challenging task for you as an online course creator. However, the right tips are sure to help you in making the right choice. Come, let’s read some fantastic tips that will help you in picking the perfect name for your youtube channel- 

Follow Youtube’s Community Guidelines- In order to choose the right name for your youtube channel, it is crucial that you ensure that it adheres to the youtube community guidelines. These guidelines help you in choosing a non-problematic, spam free, and a unique name for your channel. You can check youtube’s community guidelines here- 

Youtube Community Guidelines

Choose a Unique Name- Creating a youtube channel and creating a successful youtube channel are two entirely different things. Creating a successful youtube channel requires a good research and quality videos. Another important step to remember while choosing the name for your youtube channel is to choose a unique name. The same will help you in- 

  • avoiding unnecessary competition
  • growing faster
  • creating your own identity

Keep it Relevant to your Niche- In order to create a youtube channel, you need to ensure that the name of your channel is related to your niche. In simple words, the name of the channel shall reflect what your channel is about, what kind of videos can the subscribers expect, and more.

Steps to Create a Youtube Channel

 Various course creators wish to start their youtube channel, however, they do not know that exact steps to follow or know how to make a youtube channel and ask how open my youtube channel. Here are a few steps that answer your questions like how to make a youtube channel or how open my youtube channel. Let’s dive in- 

Step 1- Go to Youtube and Sign In- To answer your questions how to make a youtube channel or how open my youtube channel, the first step to create a youtube channel is to go to youtube and sign in. Signing in will require your email address and password. Your youtube channel will directly be associated with this email address/account. You will be receiving all the necsssary information regarding your youtube channel here. Make sure that you fill this information carefully as it will help staying updated with all the recent updates about the channel, etc. 

Step 2- Go to Youtube Setting and Choose ‘Create Channel’- The second step to answer your questions how to make a youtube channel or how open my youtube channel or towards creating a successful youtube channel is to go the youtube setting and select the ‘create channel’ option. This step will take your closer to finally creating a successful youtube channel. 

Step 3- Select a Name & Image for your Channel- The last and the final step to your questions how to make a youtube channel or how open my youtube channel and to create a youtube channel is to select a good name and image that suits your channel. You can either choose to a custom name for your channel or a your own name, youtube offers you a wide option to make the right choice. 

We hope that this read will answer your questions like how to make a youtube channel or how open my youtube channel. Stay connected to this space to read more such helpful blogs. 

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