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How to Create a Successful Trading Course

“Whatever method you use to enter trades, the most critical thing is that if there is a major trend, your approach should assure that you get in that trend.” -Richard Dennis These golden words of Richard Dennis, one of the most successful traders, also known as ‘Prince of the Pit‘ emphasize on the importance of acquiring right knowledge about trading before actually beginning to trade. The correct knowledge can only be acquired from an experienced trader who knows all the winning secrets and risks factors of trading. Therefore, many successful personalities of the trading business are creating their own online trading course to help the general public and making them self sufficient for trading.

A successful trading course is not the one that helps investors to trade on a particular platform or handle a specific market segment. It also enables the investors to trade seamlessly and earn huge profits without taking too many risks. 

It is true that trading in the stock market is like sailing your ship on a windy day. The right movement can help your holdings steer in the right direction, but any slight miscalculation can lead to disastrous results. Therefore, the primary motive of a trading course should be to make investors aware of the risks that equities, F&O, currencies, commodities, and other instruments pose to their investment portfolio. Once you prepare your students mentally, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to guide them through the process! 

1- Start with the Basics 

A person who enrols in a trading course is usually a beginner. It means that they do not know much about trading or have little idea about buying and selling securities. Therefore, your online or offline trading course should start by educating them about the fundamentals of trading. 

For instance, you can start with the basic definitions of a Demat account, trading account, delivery trading, intraday trading, MTF (Margin Trade Funding), etc. After that, you can let your audience know how market conditions or events can affect the price of a particular stock. Finally, you should emphasise the fact that one must invest only after conducting thorough research on the financial instruments. A little history about how and when the Indian stock market and a few other stock markets across the globe were formed can give some insights to novice traders. 

2- Provide Technical Knowledge 

Once the students get familiar with the terms and basic concepts of trading, you can help them grasp some technical details. For instance, you can show them how to read a candlestick chart or line chart of a particular stock. After that, you can show them how to set moving averages and other technical indicators to help them make an informed decision while buying and selling stocks. 

Also, you can provide some knowledge about analysing the fundamentals of the company through details like market cap, CAGR, and other technical aspects. Once the candidates know how to read charts and find stocks t0 invest in, 50% of your task will be accomplished. 

Now, you can show them how to take positions and set trigger points for buying and selling shares. Overall, you will be setting a thorough background about trading activities in your students’ minds. It would be great if you have a dummy software or simulator that lets the students buy and sell shares. If you don’t have such a facility, you can show them how to take a position in the stock market through your own Demat account. 

3- Easy Manoeuvrability 

Once you create a complete online trading course, you must work on making the course materials accessible. An intuitive interface for the students will help them to go through the course contents easily. They must be able to jump forward and backwards easily to revive the lessons from a previous chapter or topic. 

4- Offer 24/7 Support 

The students must be able to seek support from the tutors and trading experts whenever they are unable to understand a particular topic or concept. Trading is an exhaustive process. The candidates need to keep track of a lot of aspects to be able to trade successfully. Therefore, while having a simulator can be of great help, the application must also be connected to a live support or chat room where the experts can resolve the queries and issues of the learners. 

You can also incorporate the students into a Whatsapp or any other group where you can resolve their questions and doubts in real-time. You can also provide some trading tips and insights to the students through this app. 

5- Smart use of Social Media Platforms 

While creating a comprehensive syllabus for an online trading course is necessary, you must also be smart enough to incorporate various social media channels in your course.

For example, all text without any videos and images can make the trading course boring and repetitive. However, if you include infographics and YouTube videos to show how to trade online, your students will be able to grasp the content quickly. You must also provide informative blogs, webinars, and other platforms where the learners can interact and share their issues with each other. Also, you need to appoint a few mentors who are easily accessible to the students. These mentors will help the students with any minor or major issues they face while understanding the key trading concepts. 

While training the students in an online trading course is necessary, it is also essential to keep them updated on the latest trading trends and techniques. For instance, while you should let the students understand the risk of equity trading, you must also reveal that they can book profits even when the price of a particular stock declines by trading in Futures. You can also reserve a topic for cryptocurrencies to motivate the students to learn about cryptocurrencies. Such smart insights will not only keep them interested in the course, but the students will also be keen on subscribing to your new courses. 


In this article, we’ve discussed a few tips that can help you design a successful trading course. Many trading platforms or online courses platform offer free trading courses to beginners these days. Therefore, to succeed in this market, you must keep evolving and provide some freebies to the customers. 

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