How to Configure DNS Records on BigRock for Subdomain with Teachmore

Add your custom domain to Teachmore

Login to your academy admin dashboard then go to Settings → Domains

Click New domain button

Select Custom domain type

Enter your subdomain ( and click Done

Mark your domain as a primary by clicking Make Primary button

Add a CNAME record on Bigrock

Login to Bigrock
Click on the domain to be set up (

Scroll down to the DNS Management section and click Manage DNS

Now you can see all records here

Click on CNAME Records tab and then click Add CNAME Record button

This opens up the form to add CNAME record

Enter your subdomain as Host Name, so if you want your website on courses subdomain ( then enter courses as the Host name and enter the as the Value

Then click Add Record button

After adding the record you can see is as the following

After you’ve created your CNAME, email us at or live chat and include a screenshot of your DNS settings within your registrar/hosting company.

This will allow us to verify if everything is in place

The custom domain name is usually ready within 24-48 hours


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